Opening package. Alex Riley and Percy Watson go to the ring. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young enter the ring. Josh Matthews and William Regal are on commentary.

Alex Riley and Percy Watson vs. Titus O'Neil and Darren Young

A-Ry and Titus start things off. A-Ry gets the upper hand, Titus tags Young. He gets a near fall and punches Titus who goes to the floor. The ref starts a 10 count for him to get back on the apron, A-Ry goes to the top turnbuckle, and Young kicks him in the head. A-Ry falls to the mat; Young hits a swinging neck-breaker. Titus tags in; hits a clothesline, and tags Young back in. Regal makes note of the teamwork. Young drops A-Ry neck first on the top rope. Young attacks Watson in the corner, tags Titus back in. A-Ry punches his way out of the enemy corner, leaps to make a tag and is caught by Titus. Young tags in unbeknownst to A-Ry who rolls-up Titus and gets kicked in the back of the head by Young. Young gets a near fall and puts A-Ry in a reverse chin-lock. A-Ry fights to a vertical base. A-Ry is sent to the ropes; Watson slaps his back, tagging-in. A-Ry is sent over the top to the outside, Watson come off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle to Young. He hits a double dropkick, then a flying clothesline. Watson is fired-up, the crowd pops for him. Watson does a touchdown pose leaps in the air, and lands with a splash on Young. Young kicks out of the pin; Titus is kicked off the apron before he can intervene. As Watson talks trash to Titus, Young is ready for him when he turns around; Young hoists him on his shoulders. He gorilla-press slams him onto Young's own knees, as Young falls to his back. Young gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Young and O'Neil (5:30)

Titus grabs the mic and comments on the replay: "That's good work right there." He says, "Percy, what we have here is a failure to communicate." He gets in the ring where Watson is still down selling the move. Titus says Watson has been going around telling people he deserves a rematch against him. He says he'll get his match next week. He says that he better be more aggressive than ever or else he is going to be just like the fans in attendance: a loser. Regal asks if Titus is making matches now. Titus says, "This is my show," as he walks up the ramp.

Next up is Derrick Bateman vs. Heath Slater.


Rock DVD promo.

Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, and Justin Gabriel are sitting in chairs in the ring. Derrick Bateman comes out. Matthews says he seems confused, Regal says he always seems confused when he looks at Bateman. Kaitlyn tells Bateman he in a safe place: "The Trust Tree." Bateman says it's actually a ring and he's scheduled for a match. Gabriel says that he doesn't. Kaitlyn says it is an intervention. Bateman asks, what for? He says he has a clean bill of health. Alicia says, "5' 5" of pure evil." Bateman says she must be talking about Trent Barreta because she can't be talking about Maxine; "She's a sweetheart, she's a peach." Gabriel says she is a piranha and that he needs to lose her. Gabriel tells him to think back to how happy he was when he was single. Alicia says court appointed therapist is crazy. Kaitlyn tells him to watch the Titantron. They show a montage of Bateman and Maxine's history; he is 'narrating' through past interviews, praising her, as they show the different crazy things she's done to him. Kaitlyn asks him if that's a healthy relationship and that admitting is the first step. Bateman says Maxine is OK at home and he doesn't want to die alone. He says, "I guess we're in love." Kaitlyn says he's being used. She says getting kissed doesn't mean love. Bateman sarcastically calls her 'love guru,' and asks her what is love then. Kaitlyn grabs him, swings him into her arms and plants one on him, then pushes him to the mat; Maxine runs to the ring and attacks her. They pull them apart, Maxine tries to throw a chair, she then starts hitting Bateman. Gabriel restrains her. Maxine leaves; Matthews reminds us that Maxine vs. Kaitlyn is the main-event.

Backstage, Natalya is wishing Tyson Kidd luck. She says he is one of them, a Hart. McGillicutty appears and sniffs the air. He says he smells something rotten, and it's not Natalya this time. He says the Harts feel sorry for him. He says he'll see him in the ring, calls him a loser, and taps him on his stomach.


Orton faces Bryan on Smackdown.

Michael McGillicutty vs. Tyson Kidd

They both exchange some quick holds and go back to a vertical base. They put each other in hammerlocks a couple of times, Kidd counters with one, tying McGillicutty up in the second rope in the process. Regal stresses the importance of basic holds in wrestling. (Regal should be calling the major shows). McGillicutty knees him in the gut, then puts him in a Greco-Roman knuckle-lock. Kidd uses the tope rope to flip and free himself. He grabs McGillicutty with a flying leg-scissor and flips through for a near fall. Kidd gets thrown to the outside. Back in the ring McGillicutty is kicking Kidd violently and shouting at him like a madman. The announcers plug Striker's announcement. Both men hit a double clothesline and go down. Both men get to their feet by the count of 4. Kidd hits some kicks and a spinning kick for a near fall. McGillicutty charges at Kidd, who double front drop kicks him while flipping backwards onto the apron, and goes to the top turnbuckle. McGillicutty shuts him down; he falls, seated on the top turn buckle. McGillicutty goes for a suplex off the second turnbuckle, Kidd counters, sending McGillicutty to the center of the ring, Kidd hits a moonsault. McGillicutty kicks out; Kidd can't believe it. Kidd is looking for the Sharpshooter, McGillicutty is fighting it. He breaks free and hits a swinging neck-breaker. He gets the pin!

Winner by Pin: Michael McGillicutty (6:15)


RAW Rebound: Rock's promo.

Matt Striker is in the ring. He says it is the one year anniversary of Redemption. He says in the past 5 'never-ending' seasons of NXT there have been many personnel changes, and over 30 superstars introduced to the world, but there has been only one host. He says maybe his producers want to punish him and maybe he's the only one stupid enough to take the job, but it can't be said that he is not passionate about the WWE, just like the fans. He tells the fans to give themselves a round of applause. He says NXT was meant to expose the world to the crop of talent in the back, who are the future of the business, but lately it hasn't been about that, and he takes full responsibility. He says he let the inmates run the asylum. Hawkins and Reks interrupt. They banter between each other and say hold on, and go to the back. Striker calls them idiots. They bring out soft, folding chairs and popcorn. Reks says he wants to get comfortable because he does not want to miss this. He grabs his phone and says he wants to record this. Striker says not to fall asleep like people do during their matches. Hawkins says Striker is about to hand his job to someone more deserving and better looking. Striker shouts at him to shut up. He says he is not stepping down as host. He has a couple of bullets left in the gun and if they want to try him, then "come on." Hawkins says he already failed at being a wrestler. Striker says the show needs veteran leadership and guys like Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis have been in the business for 20 years and that he doesn't have their savvy and experience. The board of directors has told him to find someone who does. He has found someone who has the respect of the fans, boys, and Striker, himself. He has paved the way for pieces of trash like Hawkins and Reks to call themselves wrestlers, which they are not. He says he is staying-on as host, but the new sheriff in town is Sir William Regal. Hawkins and Reks seem upset; Regal makes his way into the ring, the crowd pops for him. Regal says he is going to make great matches that nobody expects. He asks why they wear sunglasses inside. He calls Hawkins and Reks 'flippity gibbits'. He says he has something special for them next week. He says the last 52 weeks of NXT is over, and the new one has begun. Hawkins and Reks flip their chairs over and leave.


Kaitlyn vs. Maxine

Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman have joined the announcers. Curtis says things are about to get weird as he puts lotion on. Curtis says Maxine is in his back pocket, ready for disposal at any time. Bateman says she's not and he's pure white trash. The ref has to separate the ladies so he can call for the bell. Maxine takes her down and starts pulling her hair. Curtis says he is not creepy 'Captain Moonlight," he says. Maxine charges Kaitlyn in the corner, she counters with a drop toe-hold, Maxine goes face first into the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn repeatedly drives her face into the second turnbuckle. Kaitlyn slams her and hits a leg-drop. Kaitlyn has her in a reverse leg-scissors. Bateman and Curtis banter. Bateman says a slap in the face is foreplay and that it means true love to Maxine. Maxine breaks free after she leans back for a near fall on Kaitlyn and then kicks her in the face. Maxine goes for 3 consecutive covers. Regal asks why Curtis keeps applying lotion. "Dry skin," he replies. Kaitlyn hits a back-breaker. Maxine has her in a reverse chin-lock. Maxine is screaming. Curtis says the crowd id getting behind Kaitlyn, and so is he. Kaitlyn counters into a full-nelson. She slams her on her butt, flips her with her legs and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Kaitlyn (3:22)

Maxine rolls to the outside and pie-faces Bateman who has gotten up to console her. Curtis gets up and she pushes him too. She grabs a mic, provocatively gets in Regal's face and congratulates him on his new position, gets closer, and says she looks forward to working closely with him. She leaves. Matthews says Regal is involved in all of this. Regal says his scruples are lacking and he is very weak.

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