TNA Impact Results - Sting/Roode, Angle/Hardy, Six-Man Tag; Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Bully Ray is backstage complaining about Brandon Jacobs to a random girl. "It's Storm's fault." Roode and Aries show up. Roode says what happened to Bully Ray was embarrassing. He says it's not Storm's fault, it's Sting's. He tells Ray to call him. So does Aries.


Velvet Sky, from earlier in the day, is complaining about getting screwed out of her title shot by Madison Rayne. She says it's her time. She gets attacked by Angelina Love and Sarita. She gets driven into the dumpsters.

Ric Flair is talking to Bischoff's son. He says it's not his time. Bischoff says he's his own man. Flair can't believe it. Roode, Aries, and Ray are making their way to the ring.


Roode grabs the mic in the ring. He says he's the reason everyone is watching the show. He tells Sting he is not an active wrestler. He says he will not face Sting at Victory Road. He says he is done. Bully Ray tells the cameraman to shoot his cavs. They are growing day by day, he says. He says it's all Sting's fault. Sting let Jacobs attack him. It was the most embarrassing moment of his career. He shows a clip. He says he and his cavs are done. Aries says Sting doesn't know when to step out of the spotlight. He says he's done. All three sit in the middle of the ring. Bully Ray says they ain't moving. The lights go out. Sting appears in the ring. Sting says when he said he was done he was just stirring the pot. He asks if they are really done. They all say yes. Sting says he's gonna strip Roode of the title. He says the same to Aries. He tells Ray he's gonna bite his finger off and that he won't have a paycheck. He says he will put Aries in a main event. All three men in a match against the tag champs and James Storm. The lights go out, Sting disappears.


They show Jesse Sorensen in the hospital with his mom. He wants to get back in the ring. Ion is backstage from earlier in the day. He doesn't feel remorse.

Zema Ion vs. Shannon Moore

Ion keeps grabbing Moore's mo-hawk to prevent from being whipped into the ropes. Moore attempts to cross-body him on the outside, Ion moves and clotheslines him. He look at the camera and says he hopes Aries is watching. Back in the ring. Ion hits a missile drop kick off the top rope. Ion hits a neck breaker. He goes to the top turnbuckle, Moore dropkicks him. He delivers a hurricanrana from the top. Near fall. Moore misses a moonsault. Ion hits a double knee across his back, then flips him and drives Moore's throat onto his knee and pins him.

Next: Love/Sarita vs. Velvet/James


Sarita/Love vs. Velvet/James

Velvet charges Love. She tags in James. Drop kick to Love, near fall. Sarita tags in. James hits a swinging neck breaker. Love pulls the rope down, James gets thrown to the outside. They double team James while the ref restrains Velvet on the outside. Love tags in. She has James isolated in her corner. Sarita tags back in. James rolls her up for a near fall. She hits a belly to back suplex. Both women are down. James makes the hot tag; Love tags as well. Love bumps around for her. Sarita breaks the pin. Velvet hits a face buster, while James prevents Sarita from making the save. Velvet pins Love.

Storm is backstage. He is gonna do his talking at the PPV. But tonight he is bringing the tag champs.

Six-man tag is next.


TNA received a letter from Abyss's family earlier in the week wondering about his whereabouts. They show a video package.

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