- We would like to congratulate Shane Helms, who announced on his Twitter that he will become a father this year. Here is what he wrote: "As 2011 was nearly life ending for me, 2012 is gonna be life changing! ... Thx for all the many congratulatory tweets. They really touched my heart. Much gratitude and love to you all! And thank you... And yes, you can indeed #BlameItOnTheShane

"To be honest, I gotta blame this baby thing on my bad foot. I couldn't get away from @theH2Hwaitress She doesn't take NO for an answer... But again, a serious thank you for all the great messages. So many different people being so positive is always a good thing."

- The Examiner has an article about WrestleReunion in Miami during WrestleMania weekend at this link.

- Davey Richards will be appearing at 'SWE Retribution 3', which takes place on August 18th, 2012 in Huntingdon, England at Commemoration Hall. Go to southsidewrestling.co.uk for more information.

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