3/3/12 ROH TV Results

-The show opens with highlights of last week's TV main event between Jay Lethal and Davey Richards for the ROH World title, which saw Richards win when he connected with a roundhouse kick to Lethal when Lethal was bumped from the outside by Adam Cole.

-Promo for the upcoming match between Mike Bennett and TJ Perkins. Bennett focuses on his match with Lance Storm on March 30th at Showdown in the Sun, and Perkins comments on how Bennett better not overlook him tonight.

-TJ Perkins vs. "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob Evans and Maria

The opening match of the night saw many near fall attempts traded between Bennett and Perkins. Ultimately, the match came to a conclusion when TJ Perkins reversed the "Box Office Smash" from Bennett into an S.T.F., Perkins relinquished the hold when Bennett grabbed hold of Maria's hand from outside of the ring. The momentary distraction led to Mike Bennett hitting the "Box Office Smash" for the pin.

Winner: "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett

-Tommaso Ciampa with Embassy Limited cut a promo backstage. Ciampa says that he will beat Lethal on Sunday March 4th for the TV title and he will be the only undefeated champion in ROH history.

-Tommaso Ciampa w/Embassy Limited vs. Guy Alexander
Squash match for Ciampa. Ciampa would finish off the local wrestler with repeated knee strikes to the head, leading to Alexander being knocked out and the referee stopping the match.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

#1 Contenders Match: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs. Eddie Edwards

-High impact main event between Strong and Edwards for a shot at Davey Richards World Title. Multiple near falls from these two former ROH World title holders, with both men hitting big moves only to have the other find a way to kick out. The end came when Edwards ascended to the top rope, but was grabbed by Truth Martini on the foot, leading to Adam Cole to come out to ringside and kick Martini. Michael Elgin then comes out to help Martini. Edwards hits a tackle on the outside, which allows Strong to attach a foreign object to his boot and hit an unsuspecting Edwards with a "sick kick" for the pin. The first referee, Todd Sinclair, didn't see what Strong had done, so another referee comes out and orders that the match be restarted. As the two referees argue about the decision, Edwards hits "Die Hard", knocking over Todd Sinclair in the process. The second referee counts the pin for Edwards and declares him the winner. The referees continue to argue about the decision as we go to commercial not knowing who the number one contender is.

Due to the match ending without a clear winner Jim Cornette comes out after the commercial and decides that both Strong and Edwards are the number one contenders for Davey Richards ROH World Championship, the match will be a triple threat match at Showdown in the Sun.

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