Thanks to reader Matthew McDonald for sending in these results from tonight's WWE RAW live event in Bangor, ME:

Match 1: Brodus Clay defeat Michael McGillicutty in the opening match with a T-Bone Suplex follow by a splash off the ropes.

Match 2: Eve comes and out says she is sorry for her recent behavior and invites Kelly Kelly to be her partner against the Bella Twins. Towards the end of the match, Kelly goes for the hot tag and Eve walks out on her. Kelly wins the match anyway after getting a roll up on Nikki Bella.

Match 3: US Title Match - Jack Swagger (c) vs Mason Ryan: Mason got a large pop, to my surprise. Good back and forth match. Towards the end, Swagger gave Ryan a spear to the knee and then rolled him into the ankle lock for the win.

Match 4: Curt Hawkins vs Xavier Woods: For not knowing who Woods was, he got a decent reaction. Woods got the win with a flying knee.

Match 5: Jericho's music hits. He cut a promo about being the best in the world, etc. Kofi Kingston's music hits and their match is next. Great match. A couple of false finishes. Finish came with Jericho poked Kofi in the eyes and then hit him with the Codebreaker for the win.


Match 6: WWE Tag Team Titles - Primo and Epico (c) defeated R-Truth and Santino Marella.

Match 7: Falls Count Any Match - John Cena vs Kane: Cena received a deafening pop when he came out. Cena won after giving Kane a AA through a table.

Match 8: WWE Championship - CM Punk (c) vs Dolph Ziggler with Chris Jericho as special enforcer: After a couple of false finishes and a ref bump, Punk defeated Ziggler and the crowd goes home happy. Punk celebrated in the crowd afterwards, allowing fans to take pictures with him.

Biggest Pops:
1) Cena
2) Punk
3) Santino
4) Mason Ryan

Most Heat:
1) Jericho - both times he came out
2) Kane
3) Jack Swagger
4) Eve

Here's another report from reader Kyle Calvo:

The show is sold out and there is a long waiting line to get into the auditorium. Traffic was backed up getting into the auditorium. Outside there was a National Guard attraction while we waited to enter the auditorium.

-National Guard Members on each side of the bleachers having the crowd cheer whenever they signaled for it.

The actual show started around 5:15pm. We were welcomed by Justin Roberts followed by the National Anthem with a flag appearing on the live event stage that WWE has been using at house shows.

The first match of the evening was Brodus Clay vs Michael McGillicutty. It was a pretty good match to start the show. Brodus was over with the crowd as McGillicutty was booed by the crowd. The finish came about 7 minutes into the match when Brodus hit McGillicutty with a body splash. Bangor loved the funkasaurus.

Next match was a divas tag team match with Eve & Kelly Kelly vs The Bella twins. Before the match Eve cut a promo saying she was trying to let Zack Ryder know that she just wanted to be friends and is trying to gain back the crowd's respect. The crowd started chanting "Hoeski" during her promo. Out came Kelly Kelly to a great reaction from the crowd. Out next were the Bella Twins. This was actually a good divas match compared to matches seen on tv. They had time to work the crowd and get over. Eve left at the ending of the match leaving the Bella Twins vs Kelly Kelly. The finish saw Kelly Kelly hit one of the Bella Twins off the ring apron and roll up the other twin for the win. Wish diva matches like this could appear on tv more often.

Next we saw Curt Hawkins vs. Xavier Woods (former TNA star Consequences Creed). Hawkins was booed and Woods got a nice reaction from the crowd. This was about a good 10 minute match when we saw Woods go to the top rope and jumped to kick Hawkins in the head for the win. Once Woods gets called up to the main roster he will make a nice addition.

Next match was for the United States Championship. Jack Swagger (c) vs. Mason Ryan. Swagger was booed immediately when his music hit. Mason Ryan got a great reaction from the crowd. Swagger did his taunts he normally does, pushups and looked into his title as if it was a mirror. During the match Mason taunted Swagger by doing pushups and led to him doing pushups on Swagger. This was about a good 13 minute match when we saw Swagger throw Mason's ankle across the steel ring post a couple of times and then he put Mason back into the ring to put an ankle lock on him for the win to retain the U.S title. Good match between these guys.

Next match, the lights go out. The crowd thinks it's Kane but it is Jericho as his Lite Brite jacket can be seen. Jericho cut a promo saying he is the best in the world and doesn't need a t-shirt to say that he is. He told the crowd that whoever has a Punk shirt on to be ejected from building by security. He was immediately cheered and then booed heavily once he told the fans to shut up with the Y2J chants. Kofi comes out as his opponent and gets a great crowd reaction. This match lasted about 18 minutes. There were a lot of close finishes in this match when the crowd thought Kofi had beat Jericho but was a close two count and vice versa. The finish saw Jericho hiding behind the ref and shoving him out of the way allowing Jericho to poke Kofi in the eye followed up by a code breaker.

Intermission is next. Justin Roberts advertised T-Shirts for sale, collector cups, and signed pictures from John Cena & CM Punk.

After Intermission we see R-Truth & Santino vs Epico & Primo for the Tag Team Championship. This was like a comedy match as Santino had the crowd laughing during the whole match. Both teams worked the crowd a lot which lasted about 5 minutes. The finish saw Santino going for the cobra but Primo gave him a backstabber to retain the titles.

Next is a last man standing match with John Cena vs Kane. Out first is Cena. Cena got a huge crowd reaction. It was apparent that Bangor loves Cena as the arena went loud. Out next was Kane. Half the crowd cheered and the other half booed. The new Masked Kane was amazing to see. There were many good spots in this match. The steel steps, microphone, steel chairs, the ring bell, and two tables were all involved in this match. Cena ran the steeps into Kane on the outside. Then Kane used the ring bell on Cena followed up by the mic and said "Cena, do what's best and stay down". Then Cena got the chairs involved. Cena brought out a table but it back fired on him as Kane put him threw it. Kane gets another table and Cena eventually gives him the AA threw it. Kane gets back up and Cena AA's him again onto a steel chair for the win. The crowd gave Cena a huge crowd reaction.

Justin Roberts thanked the fans for coming out tonight as the event was sold out and they will be making a return sometime in the near future.

Main Event saw CM Punk (c) defend his WWE title against Dolph Ziggler with Chris Jericho as a special ref on the outside. He was named it by John Laurinaitis via text message. Ziggler was booed once he came out and Punk got a huge crowd reaction. It was just a little louder than Cena's. Some people in the crowd chanted Mr. Ziggles and that led to Dolph to leaving and Punk started the NA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE Chant. Ziggler ran back into the ring before being counted out. Punk and Ziggler have a contest for crowd reactions and Punk won it. After working the crowd the actual wrestling starts. It was a great 20 minute match. The ref got knocked out as Ziggler ran into him. Jericho becomes the ref and Punk gets Ziggler in the anaconda vise and Ziggler is tapping but Jericho doesn't call it. Punk is enraged with Jericho. Ziggler and Punk fight some more as we see Jericho get knocked out by Punk followed up by a knee to the face in the corner. Ziggler jumped onto the shoulders of Punk but Punk reversed it into a GTS for the win. It was a solid match and it was probably better then their match from the Royal Rumble. After Punk celebrated with the crowd by going back a few rows to celebrate with some fans way back in the ringside sections.

Overall it was a great show and the first sell out for a WWE Event in Maine in years. This was the best WWE event I have ever been to and the new live event stage added to the experience.

Biggest Pops
1. CM Punk
2. John Cena
3. Santino/R-Truth
4. Brodus Clay

Biggest Heat
1. Jericho
2. Ziggler
3. Kane
4. Eve

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