Thanks to reader Andrew Hess for sending in these results from tonight's Smackdown live event in Macon, GA:

Just got home from the SmackDown live event in Macon, Ga. We got to the show about an hour before it started, and they were already seating people. Most of the the merchandise was only available in larger sizes, even the Cena stuff which disappointed some of the kids. We were 3rd row from the ring on the right side which was great. I would say the show may have been half full at best, which isn't saying much seeing as how the venue was very small to begin with. Tony Chimmel comes out and the show begins.

First match saw The Great Khali defeat Jinder Mahal in a short match that saw Mahal mount very little offense. Khali wasn't moving around well which had me wondering why they continue to have him wrestle.

Second match started off with Drew McIntyre cutting a promo proclaiming his lawyers had found a loop hole, and with a victory tonight he could have his job back. Tony Chimmel announces his opponent, who is Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose as announced) which was a great surprise. McIntyre does good heel work by continuing to ask the crowd and Moxley, "Who is this guy?" Moxley gets the clean win in a decent back and forth match. Moxley looked very good in the ring, though the crowd couldn't get into the match due to not knowing who he was.

Third match started off with Hunico and Camacho cut a promo in Spanish leading to Dibiase coming out and getting a cheap pop from the crowd by playing up his southern upbringing. Not a very good match, though the crowd was very into it. Dibiase won with a roll up after being worked over the majority of the match. Post match saw Dibiase celebrate for a short period only to be attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes, leading to a 3 man beat down on Ted. Cody grabbed a mic and did great heel work by making fun of the people in attendance.

Fourth match was a triple threat featuring Daniel Bryan, Big Show, and Randy Orton. Didn't understand why the match was on so early, unless they are all booked for Raw. Bryan did excellent heel work by ripping up little kids' Randy Orton and Big Show signs. On a funny side note, he nearly drove an elderly man to a heart attack by proclaiming to be the World Heavyweight Champion, and shouting yes repeatedly at the man. Decent match, not very long. Orton stayed outside most of the match, only running in to hit his signature moves. Big Show had his ribs taped and kept grasping and them, looked to be legitimately hurt. Finish saw Orton hit Show with an RKO, then Bryan throwing Orton out and scoring the pinfall. After the match, Bryan proceeded with his over the top celebration only to have Show and Orton hit their finishers on him to keep the crowd happy. This lead to a brief intermission.

Fifth match was a Diva's tag match. Beth and Natalya defeated Alicia Fox and Tamina Snuka in a surprisingly decent and technical (yes, I just typed that) match. Alicia Fox did very well, which was even more surprising to me. Finish had Tamina miss the body splash from the top and Beth hit the Glam Slam. I was very surprised to see the girls do so well after watching them do horrible on TV. Leads me to believe they're either told to not do anything, or they just don't care at TV.

Sixth match had Cody Rhodes come out and continue to berate the fans in attendance, which was absolutely hilarious. Justin Gabriel came out to challenge him for the title. Rhodes got the clean win in a pretty good match that should have been given more time. After the match, Dibiase came out to return the beatdown given to him by Rhodes earlier. Gabriel hit Rhodes with the 450 splash to satisfy the fans chanting to see the move.

Main event was Mark Henry and Sheamus in a Street Fight. Mark Henry took a kids sign and ripped it to shreds, which I found funny due to the expression on the kids face following the incident. Decent match with both men fighting to keep the crowd into the match. Sheamus wins, sending all the kids home happy.

Overall it was a pretty good show with a pretty lively crowd. Biggest pops went to Orton and Sheamus, with the most heat going to Rhodes and Bryan.

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