Thanks to reader Adam Yungeberg for sending in this report from last night's TNA house show in Wichita, KS:

I made the 4 hour drive to go to the TNA show in Wichita last night and it was well worth $103 for the two front row seats.

We got to the show about an hour before they opened the doors for the meet and greet and were able to see a few of the wrestlers arrive. Before they opened the doors Don West came out and told everyone about Don's deals for the night. Once they let us in and everyone went right after the merchandise to get a program for autographs. Anarquia, Chris Daniels, Zema Ion, Hernandez, Crimson, and Matt Morgan were all there for autographs. I was also able to get autographs from Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Velvet Sky before the show.

They introduced JB and he came out to start the show. The first match was for the X Division title with AA going against Zema Ion. Surprisingly Aries was playing as somewhat of a fan favorite in this match and did end up getting the win.

They brought out Earl Hebner to a lot of boos as he played off the Montreal screwjob of the 90's and even pranced around the ring with a pair of Bret Hart glasses.

The next match was for the Knockout Title with Gail taking on Velvet Sky. Velvet came in first and did her little wiggle on the ring rope. When Gail made her way down she went right to that spot and made Earl take out a handkerchief so that she could wipe the ring rope off before getting in the ring. They actually had a real good match which had Gail try to hit her finisher but it was blocked. She ended up winning with a rollup and using the tights to win.

Next up was Mexican America vs Morgan and Crimson. It was as expected a match full of power moves and hard clotheslines. At the end of the match Hernandez was sitting on the floor right in front of me laughing as Anarquia was getting double teamed and eventually pinned. It almost came off as him wanting to go solo and becoming a fan favorite. Crimson did give his shirt to a boy and ringside.

The final match before intermission was AJ vs Daniels. This started with Daniels coming out and referring to Wichita as a HIV/AIDS infected area...he just about got booed out of the arena. AJ made his way out and the match was on. This was a great match with them both as expected. At the end Chris missed the BME and AJ winning with the Pele. AJ went to leave and then came back in and hit Daniels with the Styles Clash that left him out in the ring for the next 5 minutes.

Intermission saw Don come into the ring and begin telling everyone about Earl refereeing his 100,000th match recently and a special shirt they were selling. Chris came to and knocked Don on his rear end which everyone loved. I was able to get an autograph from Gail at this time.

The last of two matches was Bully Ray vs James Storm. Bully came out and started bad mouthing everyone and even picked out my wife and I for a personal sparing match. It was great. When James came out the crowd went nuts and Bully went up on the ring ropes and got booed. Earl and Storm laughed at this and Bully challenged Earl to get up on the turnbuckle and see how the crowd reacted. Of course Earl got a huge pop. Bully started complaining and James hopped the barrier and sat a couple seats down from me and said he would wait for Bully to finish.

The match started and was more of a fight than a match. Storm ended up winning this one with the last call super kick so everyone was happy.

The last match saw Bobby Roode take on Jeff Hardy for the title. The was by far the best match of the night. There was even a few minutes outside the ring in front of me with Jeff putting Roodes head into the steps. As Hardy was getting the better of the champ Bully had to come out for the beat down which brought out James Storm to even the odds and send Bully and Bobby to the outside to end the night.

They did have pictures with Jeff and Storm in the ring after the show which was a great final souvenir to end a great wrestling show.

TNA puts on a great show and I can't wait to go to the next one. Everyone I met was very nice and the only ones that I did not get to meet were Bully, Aries and Bobby Roode.

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