-- Deadline.com reports that in addition to The Rock signing on for Hercules, "The People's Champion" has also signed on to star in Ciudad, to be directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. Rock will play a black market mercenary who was hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter. You can get more details at this link.

-- Deadline.com also reports that the CW Network has picked up the unscripted series The Catalina, which follows employees and guests at an upscale Miami hotel. Eric Bischoff and Jason Hervey are executive producers for the project. You can check out more at this link.

-- Trish Stratus recently spoke with The Rack to discuss her new film, Bounty Hunters. During the interview, she spoke about transitioning from being in the ring to being a trainer on Tough Enough. "It was the perfect role for me actually," said Stratus. "At that point I had been retired for a couple of years and I got the call that I would be with Steve(Austin), Bill(DeMott) and Booker and to me it was a great opportunity for me to take my experiences that I gained as a performer and bring it to these news kids that were super passionate about what they are going to do. I kinda said to them that I am going to bring some Yoga to this, if you are cool with that, as I knew for me personally especially later on in my career, it was something that made me a better performer both physically and mentally." You can listed to the complete archive of the interview by clicking here.

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