Source: F4WOnline

- Mr. Anderson turns 36 years old today.

- As noted before, former WWE star Chris Masters is interested in joining TNA. Masters changed his Twitter handle to @Chrismasters310 and is asking fans for help. Here are some of his recent tweets, one mentioning Vince McMahon:

"My fellow Wrestling community,If U feel like the art of wrestling has been lost.To all those who care about story telling.I'm ur man#MTI2012

"Vince said in buisiness you got to be willing to step on toes.U got it VMac.I'm not just gonna step,I'm gonna Squash# MTI Masters2Impact2012

"I just wanna say 1 thing.I'm no U Warrior!I appreciate WWE.I'm known worldwide because of them.No bitterness!Its campaign time,#MTI 2012

"I'm just saying let's take it to where wrestling still matters.This is a grassroits campaign so if you support me spread the word #MTI 2012

"And I know there's some who would say #MTI would make no Impact.But your still thinking of 2006 CM.Check out something more current.#IWC4MTI

- Kurt Angle wrote the following on Twitter about the state of TNA: "I'm Excited to Have Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan Running Impact Wrestling. They Are the Best. Awesome Shows Coming!"

- TNA reportedly has a new policy on how they use talent on TV. The new policy is that if creative doesn't have a program going on for a talent, then they will not use that talent on TV at all. This is why Rob Van Dam, Mr. Anderson and others have been off TV for long periods at a time.

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