Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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King puts over Michaels being the referee, and they lead us into Cena's comments.

Cena is in the empty arena, and talks about WrestleMania. He says all eyes are on his match with Rock. Despite the personal differences, there's no doubt that Dwayne is the most successful superstar in WWE history. Cena says he doesn't intend to just be happy to be at WrestleMania, or even honored to be there with Rock. He wants to win. Cena says he grew up around here, and recently Boston is the city of champions, but for so many years it was the city of heartbreak. The most heartbreaking thing he can remember was the Patriots losing to the Giants a few years ago in the Super Bowl. He says no one remembers second place. He says if he doesn't win at WrestleMania, he's just another name, but if he can somehow win, he will go down in history in the WWE, but no one would remember second place, that's why 'Mania is so important. It's all or nothing. The promo ends with a close up of Cena's face. Up next, CM Punk and Sheamus face Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan.

We come back to the WWE Champion, CM Punk coming out. Someone in the crowd has a sign that says "Colt of Personality." The 2012 Royal Rumble Winner, Sheamus then comes out. The World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan is out next, accompanied by his girlfriend, A.J. The lights then go out, and Jericho does his lite-bright jacket entrance.

CM Punk and Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho (with A.J.)

Jericho and Punk start things off with some great chain wrestling combos. Punk hits a couple of kicks to the gut, then takes down Jericho with a Shoulder Block, and then a Monkey Flip, followed by a couple of Arm Drags. Jericho quickly tags in Bryan whenever he saw the opening. No code of honor as these two ROH alumbs lock up. Punk tags in Sheamus, who hits some strikes to Bryan, who gets caught on the apron with Sheamus's repeated forearm clubs. Punk gets tagged in, and hits a Reverse Atomic Drop. He goes to the ropes, but Jericho catches him with a kick. Bryan then tags in Jericho as we go to commercials. You guys remember that "Colt of Personality" sign I told you about earlier. Trending on Twitter.

Back from the break, Jericho is in control of Punk. Punk starts fighting out, but gets caught with a Sidewalk Slam. Jericho then hits a few kicks to a downed Punk, but gets caught with a Leg Lariat from the WWE Champion. Sheamus gets the hot tag and takes down Jericho with some Polish Hammers, followed by a Powerslam, then a Shoulder Block to Bryan. Sheamus then hits the Irish Curse on Jericho for a two count. Sheamus tries to go up top, but Bryan distracts him long enough for Jericho to hit a Springboard kick. Bryan then hits a running Dropkick to Sheamus. Jericho gets out and rolls Sheamus into the ring, and stops him from tagging in Punk. Jericho hits some more kicks to Sheamus's head, then locks in a Sleeper Hold. Sheamus fights to his feet, and Jericho goes for Bulldog, but Sheamus awkwardly sends him into the turnbuckle. Both men tag out, and Punk hits a Springboard Forearm, followed by a Swinging Neckbreaker, then a knee in the corner. Punk then goes up top, holding his back, and delivers a Diving Elbow Drop. Punk sells his back pain as he covers Bryan for a two count. Bryan misses a Roundhouse Kick, and rolls up Bryan, but Jericho interrupts it. Bryan hits Punk with a sick Dropkick, but Sheamus comes in and goes for the Celtic Cross, only to be interrupted by Jericho. Sheamus and Bryan brawl outside the ring as Jericho rolls up Punk for the win inside the ring, even though Bryan was the legal man.

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