Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Winners: Chris Jericho and Daniel Bryan

After the match, Jericho celebrates with the WWE Championship.

We go via satellite once more for Rock History Lesson #2. Rock is standing by a statue of Paul Revere, the guy that said "The British are coming!" He asks what if it was Cena, who he has a cut out off. Rock says they would have shot him on the spot and we'd be playing cricket now. He says the people then would be complaining about Cena now just like they are now. Rock says he would make a time machine just to kick Cena's ass back then. Great promo here, I can't even type all this. Rock then does his rendition of "Yankee Doodle" where he calls Cena a jabroni. This is great. Rock says he's coming to WrestleMania to whoop Cena's ass, but before that he's coming to the TD Gardens tonight to confront him.

Back from the break, Cole puts over John Laurinaitis running Smackdown this Friday, and we get a replay of Long pushing Big Johnny earlier tonight, and Santino getting the win and the United States Championship.

The Miz then comes out for his match tonight against The Big Show, who comes out next.

The Miz vs Big Show

We start with Miz rolling out of the ring, and Cody walking out on the ramp, telling them to hold on. Cody says he doesn't have a WrestleMania clip this time of Show losing, but one of him eating at the WWE restaurant at WrestleMania X8. Big Show is hanging out with fans at WWF New York here.

Miz then comes in and attacks Big Show from behind. He goes for a Corner Clothesline, but Show hits a huge Spear on Miz, followed by the WMD for the three count.

Winner: The Miz

Big Show taunts in the ring, as Cody walks backstage, not very happy. The announcers plug a Cena/Rock confrontation later tonight. We go to commercials.

Back to the show, we go to another Rock History Lesson. He's standing outside the Massachusetts State House. He says this is where the Americans fought for their Independence. He says something else is going to be overthrown, something the people have been waiting 10 years for. The Rock will overthrow John Cena, and there's only one place that The Rock can come back and fight, and that's right here in the WWE. Rock says now that The Rock has taken Cena on a history lesson, he's going to make history. The Rock says he will beat John Cena at WrestleMania, but that's April 1st, tonight is the beginning of The Rock revolution. Rock says he's going to come face to face with John Cena, and he's going to tell the world exactly what he means. He does his If ya smell catchphrase as this promo ends. We go to commercial.

We come back, and Cole plugs Undertaker confronting Shawn Michaels on next week's Raw. R-Truth then comes out, and I guess you could say he's accompanied by Lil' Jimmy. We go to prerecorded comments from R-Truth. He says every time Kane comes out to the ring, there's fire. He then asks who the heck he's even talking to at the camera. The pyro goes off, and Kane then comes out, wearing his metal mask. We replay Kane's attack on Orton last Friday on Smackdown.

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