Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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R-Truth vs Kane

We start with Kane charging Truth, who catches him in the corner, but gets pushed down a few times with ease. Kane then hits a Big Boot to keep Truth down. Kane works over Truth in the corner now with some knees and punches. Kane hits a Snapmare, then a Leg Drop for a two count. Kane sends him into the corner and hits a a Clothesline, but tries it again and gets caught. Truth hits a great Leg Lariat, but Knae doesn't even fall. Truth goes for the Axe Kick, but Kane catches him and hits the Chokeslam for the win.

Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane does his taunt, but Randy Orton's music hits, and he walks down the ramp. Truth distracts Kane, allowing Orton to come in and hit an RKO on the Big Red Monster. Orton gets a mic and says it's good to be back.

Backstage, we see Cena walking towards the arena. We'll hear from him next.

Back from the break, John Cena comes out to a mixed reaction, with more boos than cheers. A lot more boos. Cena says he thought the fans would be excited, they boo more. Cena says this place is back because finally The Rock is back, the real Rock, and he's been giving history lessons all day. He says they were entertaining, electrifying, everything The Rock needs to be. Cena says behind the sunglasses and the head whips, what is Rocky really saying? Cena said last week he told Rock what his problem was and what he was going to do. He asks what Rock is saying about him, and the crowd chants Fruity Pebble. Cena says all the nonsense Rock has been talking about, including his p---s, breakfast cereals, and all the girls he's had sex wish. Cena says on top of all this, did anyone see last week for the first time, Rock was shook up. Cena says Rock wasted 20 minutes on plugging Twitter, then Cena came out, and Rock couldn't even complete a sentence. Cena said it may be unbelievable, but The Rock got shook up by Cena. Cena says he looks ridiculous tonight, but The Rock was shook up by him. Cena says that tonight it seems like The Rock has his Swagger back. Cena's getting some cheers as he puts over Boston College. Cena says it's a bad idea for Rock to come out here because his best stuff has been prerecorded or via satellite, but Cena says he wants to know who he's going to get at 'Mania. Cena says he wants The Rock to come out here, not Dwayne Johnson. Cena says he needs The Rock because he doesn't want to beat Dwayne, he wants to beat the best. Cena asks if Boston would like to see The Rock, and leaves it open for him to come out. The Rock doesn't disappoint, and quickly makes his way to the ring.

The crowd chants for Rock as he says in third person that he has finally come back to Boston. Rock said he was going to tell the world what he saw of Cena tonight. He says he sees fear, fear that Rock is taking everything away. I believe I just heard some pro Cena chants. Rock continues and says he sees and hears the fear in Cena. Rock says he's never been more confident, but then the crowd starts chanting "Tooth Fairy." They're turning. Rock says if you strip away, Hollywood, the movies, the fame, the catchphrases, at the core, The Rock will rip Cena's throat out. At Cena's core, he will always be a little boy who will go down in history as The Rock's b---h. The Rock leaves back up the ramp after that, leaving Cena in the ring. Cena says Rock doesn't intimidate him. Cena then reads notes off his wrist to make fun of Rock, and Cena says at WrestleMania, he will lose everything if Rock beats him, but he is not afraid of The Rock. Cena says Rock only gets things half right. Cena isn't Rock's b---h, he's the son of a b---h that's gonna' make history by whipping The Rock's ass. The crowd cheers Cena more than he has been cheered in years. Cena then jumps into the crowd and hugs some fans as they celebrate with him. He drinks some chick's beer and everything before going back into the ring and celebrating. Not a boo is heard as we close the show with Cena hugging his dad and kissing his wife. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Like us on Facebook by clicking the "Like" button below:

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