Source: WWE

As noted earlier, a reporter recently caught-up with Shawn Michaels immediately following his promo on RAW. Here are highlights from the in-character interview:

On if he will be able to call the match down the middle: "Yeah. Next question. What, you don't think I can?... Hey It's not my first barbecue, slick. OK? Just don't worry about how I call the match. I'm probably gonna be the best referee this world has ever seen, so I wouldn't worry about it too much."

On whether his involvement will jeopardize/throw a wrench in his relationship with HHH:: "That's funny, cuz I, sounds to me like the wrench has already been thrown in. I mean you know, I don't know. He and I have been through a lot. We've always managed to work our way through it, and uh, you know I hope this will be no different. But you know, you always come up to me and ask me stuff like that after it happens. You know, I do this job basically on 100% emotion, all right? So to get me quickly after I've done something is not the best time, you know? And you get some kind of kick out of needling me all the time. One of these days I'll knock you out, cuz I don't like it. Here's an idea: don't worry about how I ref the match, don't ask me questions about my friendship. How about you shut your pie-hole like I told you last time, and you stay out of my business? That would be awesome. That's what I think you wanna do. Does that work for you? Thank you."

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