-- As noted earlier, William Regal wasn't too fond of the Rock's comments about England on RAW Monday night, writing on his Twitter, "A lot of British bashing by The Rock on #Raw.He wants to not worry so much about John Cena and worry about getting a dry slap from me." The Rock responded, "I've fought Regal before. His toughness is legit. #NoDrySlaps"

-- As noted earlier, Psych star James Roday will guest-star on next Monday's RAW Supershow from Cleveland, Ohio. Two days later, the Miz will play a reality TV show contestant on the March 14th episode of USA Network's Psych.

-- "Diamond" Dallas Page, Jim Ross, Michael Hayes and Gene Okerlund discussed David Arquette winning the WCW title on The Legends of Wrestling, you can check it out below:

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