The Rock, ROH wrestler Kevin Steen and Curt Hawkins took part in a pretty cool Twitter exchange earlier today. It started with Hawkins tweeting, "I'm really fascinated by the @TheRock & @KILLSTEENKILL twitter bond that had formed. Incredible."

The Rock replied, "@TheCurtHawkins @KILLSTEENKILL Aside from Kevin being a bad ass great worker, it's f'n crazy how we look like twins."

Hawkins then wrote, "@TheRock @killsteenkill ...Haha, I knew he reminded me of a young Flex Kavana."

A fan then joked that a four-way match should happen with Flex Kavana, Steen, Cabana and Hawkins, which prompted Rock to write, "@ColtCabana @TheCurtHawkins @KILLSTEENKILL Trust me, ain't no one jobbin' to Flex's 1996 sunset flip. #HotGarbage"

Steen then replied, "@TheRock @bfoats @coltcabana @thecurthawkins You'd be surprised how many time a well-placed sunset flip has almost gotten me, actually!"

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