Source: Ain't It Cool

Ain't It Cool has a lengthy interview with Edge, who talks about his new movie, Bending The Rules. During the interview, Edge talked a little wrestling, here are some highlights:

If wrestling is too scripted today: "I think to an extent. I think you can tell the guys that do adlib. I was happy with the fact that I was one of those guys and Jericho was one of those guys and Punk is one of those guys. The guys who are good at it you can tell. I do also think that there's always that little bit of rose tinted glasses. People look back so fondly on it, but if you look back at some of those promos and you almost wished that they could have had someone to reign it in, because a lot of them are rambling and nonsensical. [Interviewer brings up The Ultimate Warrior] Man, like 'What's going on?' But here's the thing, the programming changed. Okay, so when I'm growing up there's one hour on Saturday mornings to fill. There's a whole lot more content to have to fill now, so now you have a lot more speaking. There wasn't such a thing as a ten minute promo before. There wasn't. That wasn't the case. It would be a quick cut back to Mean Gene talking to Sid Justice for 45 seconds."

Feuds not being given time to build: "Well now you're talking about a whole society changing. Life just moves faster now. When I was growing up I had three channels and I didn't know what happened in the Philippines instantly if it happened. Now you can be on the internet and find out what's going on in Zimbabwe. It's changed. Life has changed. Society as a whole has changed, so obviously the product has to change in order to keep up with that. If you tried to… We are doing a year long program right now with The Rock and [John] Cena. If Rock were there every week, how are you going to fill that? You were able to do it with [Randy] Savage and [Ricky] Steamboat, because there was only an hour worth of TV every week. People don't look at the broader picture a lot of the time."

If John Cena gets a real deal from fans: "I think what it is honestly is he has been told he is the one that's supposed to take this role. I think there has to be that guy and I think he's been given that role and he's making sure that he sticks to it and he's probably being told to stick to it, like 'You are going to be the face of this. You need to be the guy that we can take to sponsors. You need to be the guy that's not dangerous for kids to watch. You need to be that guy' and in doing that sure it will pigeonhole him and alienate him to a certain audience, but looking at the broader picture a lot of the audience does like what he does. I mean think about it, back when I was growing up Hulk Hogan was this huge hero and if he did what he did then now it'd be the same reaction. He would be getting booed out of the building, so there needs to be that guy and John just happens to be that guy."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.

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