Matt Striker is in the ring and he introduces William Regal. He says every match tonight will be from Regal's twisted mind. Regal says it his honor to serve the fans and bring them the best show he can. He says the main event will be Titus O'Neil vs. Percy Watson. Maxine's music hits as he is about to name the other matches. She puts her hand on his, while he holds the mic. She says she is looking forward to working underneath him. He says he is looking forward to seeing her in action against Tamina. Tamina's music hits.

Tamina vs. Maxine

Maxine shoves Tamina and she barely budges. Tamina pushes Maxine down. Maxine attempts a crucifix, Tamina counters; Maxine uses her weight to roll through Tamina's legs for a near fall. Maxine plays to the crowd and gets double axe-handled in the chest. Maxine escapes to the outside, Tamina follows; Maxine re-enters the ring and kicks Tamina as she tries to re-enter too. Maxine has her in a reverse chin-lock. Tamina tries to power out, but Maxine pulls her hair and sends her to the mat on the back of her head. Maxine leaps off the second turnbuckle, Tamina moves. Tamina hits a Samoan drop. Tamina goes to the top turnbuckle and hits the Superfly Splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Tamina (3:00)


Hawkins and Reks make their way to the ring. They face the announcers; Hawkins speaks first. He says that last week Striker was supposed to announce him as being the new guy in charge of the show, but instead we got Regal. Reks says Regal walks his geezer butt down the ramp every night sits there and flaps his gums all night. Now he has segued into "Matt's coordinator." He says neither Regal nor Striker could get it done in the ring and now they are has-beens. Regal takes off his headset and stands up at the booth. Some people chant his name. He says he will ignore their speech for the moment but if they want to get back in the ring next week, then he has a job for them. He produces two mops and a bucket. Reks asks if this is a joke. He says they are not janitors. Regal says that after the way they have treated him and Striker, they are whatever Regal wants them to be. A fan screams: "That means you're 'doin the job.'" Regal says the only thing good enough for them is to be the toilet cleaners at the Mohegan Sun. He says they could choose not to do it, but Regal will never book them on the show again. The crowd chants: "Do the job." Reks and Hawkins each take a mop and walk toward the back; they leave the bucket. Yoshi Tatsu's music hits and the men pass each other on the ramp. Yoshi looks back at them and giggles. Johnny Curtis is introduced.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Curtis

Yoshi comes off the second turnbuckle with a chop to the head; Curtis rolls outside. Yoshi leaps over the top rope with a cross-body onto Curtis, on the outside.


Yoshi hits a couple of arm-drags and a double drop kick for a 2 count. Curtis goes on the apron and drives Yoshi's arm/shoulder through the top rope while jumping to the floor. Back in the ring, Curtis is working the shoulder; he sends Yoshi into the turnbuckle. Curtis has his arm in a triangle on the mat. Yoshi breaks free but Curtis has him back down in an arm lock. Yoshi works his way back up; Curtis hits him with a European uppercut. Curtis whips him into the corner and follows behind; Yoshi moves. Yoshi fires away with several chops to the chest, karate chops to the neck, and kicks to the side. Yoshi hits him with a running knee. Yoshi hits a snap mare and rolls through with him, then kicks him in the chest. Yoshi attempts a roundhouse, Curtis ducks and forces him into the corner. Curtis tries a suplex off the second rope but Yoshi fights him off. Yoshi goes to the top and does a corkscrew but Curtis was way out of position. Curtis executes a sit-down suplex. He gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Johnny Curtis (6:15)

They show what happened last week between Tyson Kidd and Michael McGillicutty. They cut to McGillicutty and Striker watching on a monitor backstage. McGillicutty is telling Striker: "That is why Tyson Kidd is a loser." Kidd shows up and gently pushes Striker out of the way. He says, "Are you still watching this?" Kidd says he's been tweeting McGillicutty all week and he wants a re-match. McGillicutty chuckles and says, "You're not gonna get a re-match." Kidd says to let him know when he wants to man-up. Kidd pets him on his arm; McGillicutty slaps his arm away. Kidd knees him in the gut. Kidd says, "Give it a thought, let me know." McGillicutty sells the move.


Johnny Curtis is backstage rubbing lotion on his chest. Maxine shows up. She says she hates him and can't stand him, but Bateman is on the way, and he should play-along. She begins to nibble on his ear. Bateman shows up. Bateman asks if this is a rerun. He asks where Kaitlyn is. He asks Maxine if she put a weapon in her luggage, or slashed her tires, or whatever crazy chicks do. Maxine says she probably broke her back bending Bateman over. Curtis hushes her. Curtis says Maxine has nothing to do with Kaitlyn's absence. He says he heard after Bateman and Kaitlyn locked tongues, she came down with gingivitis. Maxine says she hopes Kaitlyn will be back soon because Regal has set up a mixed-tag for next week between the four of them. Curtis kisses Maxine on the head and rubs her shoulder. She seems repulsed; she walks away and pushes him off of her. Bateman says, "So I guess we're broken-up then, whatever." Reks and Hawkins come into the shot, holding mops. Reks says Bateman might want to get out because they're taking out the trash. Bateman says Reks stinks. Bateman walks away. Percy Watson walks-up, laughing. He calls them Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Watson says they should call themselves The Housekeepers. Watson walks away; Hawkins says he loved him on Family Matters. Reks drops the mop and says he's done.

Jey Uso vs. Darren Young

Jimmy Uso is on commentary. Regal says he would like to see their father come out and do their ritual dance with him. Jey hits a body slam on Young. Young catches Jey with a slam of his own. Young hits a back-breaker. Young executes a side slam. Jimmy says they spent 7 or 8 months training with Booker T in Texas before coming to the WWE. Young grabs Jey's ankles and sling-shots Jey's throat into the bottom rope. Young whips Jey into the turnbuckle and follows through; Jey catches him with a European uppercut. Jey hits a corkscrew punch. Jey chants: "U-," the crowd responds with: "-so." "U-so, U-so." He tries to attack Young in the corner; Young moves and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Darren Young (4:40)


Percy Watson vs. Titus O'Neil

Watson and O'Neil go back and forth; they are evenly matched so far. Titus hits a vicious clothesline. He rams his shoulder into Watson's torso repeatedly in the corner. The ref pulls him off, Watson punches Titus in the face. Titus knees him in the gut. Watson flips and sells the move. Titus antagonizes the crowd. Titus hits a back-breaker. He puts Watson in an abdominal stretch; he punches Watson in the mid-section a few times and breaks the hold. He keeps telling the ref to: "Count, old man." Watson keeps kicking out. Watson is in a reverse chin-lock. They seem to be moving in slow-motion. The crowd is pretty quiet, except for a few hecklers. Watson works his way up; he hits a drop-kick. He whips O'Neil into the ropes and catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits The Heisman, but Titus kicks out. Watson goes for a Stinger Splash, but Titus drives his head into the top turnbuckle. Titus lifts him in the air vertically, but Watson pushes him off with a double front kick. Watson hits back drop into a face-plant. He gets the pin!

Winner by pin: Percy Watson (5:15)

Hawkins and Reks run-in. Reks beats-up Watson while Hawkins sweeps the ring, around Watson. Hawkins throws Watson out of the ring. Hawkins tells Regal, "Consider your mess cleaned up." Reks says they are just getting started; they throw their brooms down. Regal says nothing but he looks slightly annoyed/amused.

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