Impact Results: Mr. Anderson, Garett/Hardy, Abyss's Bro, ODB Engaged, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Earlier in the day: A man named Joseph Park is talking to a security guard. He wants to talk to TNA officials. Taz and Tenay wonder who he is. The security guard returns with his pass to get in.

Earlier in the day: Bully Ray says James Storm isn't making it to Lockdown because of him. Sting will do the right thing tonight.

Backstage, Aries gets an email on his phone from Sting. He has to face Zema Ion tonight. Aries says he will beat Ion and then he will not go to the pay-per-view. He's gonna show Sting what show time is all about.


X-Division Championship

Zema Ion Vs. Austin Aries

Aries hits a drop kick and celebrates on the outside. Ion hits a beautiful corkscrew splash. Aries jumps off the top turnbuckle to hit Ion on the outside but Ion moves. Back in the ring, Ion attempts a 450 splash but Aries moves. Ion rakes the eyes. Ion grabs the hairspray and puts it in his pants. He tries to spray Aries behind the ref's back but Aries ducks. Aries grabs the can and sprays Ion. The ref sees this and calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: Zema Ion

Joseph Park walks into Velvet Sky's dressing room and introduces himself. Abyss is his brother. He is wondering about his disappearance. Park is a rather large man dressed in a suit; he looks like Penn from Penn & Teller, but with short hair.


"Cavzilla" is in the ring making us look at his cavs. He is bragging about the things he's done to Storm. He calls Sting to the ring. He wants to be the number one contender. Sting comes out with only black makeup on his eyes and mouth, with some red. He is wearing jeans. Sting wants Bully Ray to keep saying, "I want Bobby Roode." He is going to give him the match because of his cavs. Ray asks if he wants to touch them. Sting walks to the ramp, he says the match is next.


Roode is backstage complaining about having to defend his title. Sting says it's not for the title, that's at Lockdown. Roode calls him a lunatic, says he's crazy, Sting thanks him repeatedly.

Bobby Roode Vs. Bully Ray

Roode is trying to talk Ray out of it. He says Sting is messing with them. Ray says to fight him like a man. They go back and forth. Roode slaps Ray, the backs off. He kicks Ray in the stomach. Ray hits a back body drop and a side slam, for a near fall. Roode drives his throat across the top rope. Ray hits another high back body drop, a couple of mean clotheslines, and a splash in the corner. Roode catches him with a boot on the second attempt. Ray hits a Rock Bottom. Roode ducks a big boot and hits a spear. Ray kicks out. Roode grabs Ray's chain; He runs toward Ray in the corner, Ray hits a big boot. Ray grabs the chain, Storm runs in, chases Ray out and hits a superkick to Roode. He drapes the title over Roode's stomach and walks to the back.

Backstage: Garett says the stakes are high. He is confident in his partner and he is not telling who he is.


In the locker room: Joseph Park introduces himself to Matt Morgan and Crimson. He wants to know if they can point him in the right direction. They can't, he leaves. Crimson gives a pep-talk. They want their titles back.

No. 1 Contenders Match for Tag Titles

Robbie E/Robbie T Vs. Crimson/Matt Morgan

Crimson dominates Robbie E, Robbie E tags Robbie T. E hits Crimson in the back with a clipboard. T hits a side slam, E flies off the top with an elbow. Crimson kicks out. They double team Crimson. T front slams him. The crowd wants Morgan. T shows off his muscles, Crimson hits a spine buster, he makes the hot tag to Morgan. Morgan cleans house. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint, Crimson tags himself in for the pin. Morgan isn't too pleased.

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