Impact Results: Mr. Anderson, Garett/Hardy, Abyss's Bro, ODB Engaged, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Winners by pin: Morgan/Crimson

Backstage: Gunner is saying it's obvious why he chose Angle. Angle says Garett doesn't listen and he and his partner are going to the hospital.

A video package is shown of the Daniels/Kazarian/Styles saga.

AJ enters the ring. The crowd chants his name. AJ is proud of the 10th anniversary of Impact. He has made many friends and enemies. He is interrupted by Daniels and Kazarian. Daniels says his friendship to AJ ultimately got him fired. He decided to put himself first and tell Kazarian to do the same. Kazarian says AJ is gullible. Kazarian says maybe the problem is with him. AJ says they are lying backstabbers. AJ says he's been associating himself with a real...(we hear) "Asshole." Mr. Anderson's music hits. AJ attacks Kazarian. All four men are in the ring. AJ and Anderson clean house.

Backstage: Garett knocks on his partner's door. He asks if he is ready to go. Garett walks away. That match is next.

Gunner/Angle Vs. Garett/??

Garett's partner is Jeff Hardy. The crowd is hot for Hardy. Angle and Gunner double team Hardy. Angle is in control of Hardy. Hardy takes Angle down with a clothesline. Angle keeps Hardy in his corner and tags Gunner. Hardy begins to make a comeback, but Gunner keeps him in their corner.


Angle is in with Hardy. Angle hits Garett off of the apron. Gunner tags in. Now Angle is in. Angle sends Hardy to the outside. Angle taunts Garett, Gunner sends Hardy into the guardrails. Gunner tags in. He hits a suplex. We have a let's go Hardy chant. Angle is back in, Gunner is taunting Garett; with the ref distracted, Hardy rolls up Angle in a small package. The ref jumps into position and counts to 2. Angle is back in control. Gunner is in; he puts a reverse chin lock on Hardy. Hardy hits him with a reverse elbow. Hardy hits Gunner with a corkscrew moonsault. The ref is holding Garett back, on the outside, from attacking Angle; Angle is playing with him. Hardy attempts a tag but Garett is way out of position. Angle tags in. Angle has one of Hardy's legs; Hardy kicks him with the other one. Hardy leaps over Angle and makes the hot tag. Garett clotheslines Angle then hits Gunner off of the apron. Angle bumps around for Garett. Garret drops Angle on his face the drop kicks Gunner, who was back on the apron. Garett kicks Angle in the gut and hits a vicious modified neck breaker/stunner. Gunner breaks the fall. They double team Garett and send him to the ropes; Hardy tags himself in and after Garett delivers a double clothesline to Gunner and Angle, Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb on Angle and pins him.

Winners by pin: Jeff Hardy/Garett Bischoff

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