Impact Results: Mr. Anderson, Garett/Hardy, Abyss's Bro, ODB Engaged, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Impact Results: Mr. Anderson, Garett/Hardy, Abyss's Bro, ODB Engaged, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
They show a recap video package of the Garett Bischoff situation. Garett arrives in the parking lot, earlier in the day. He appreciates Flair's heads up, but he's his own man. They ask him about the target on his back. He says the target just grew but he's not going anywhere. In the arena, live, Eric Bischoff, Flair, and Gunner enter the ring. Bischoff says Flair's music warms his heart. He says Garett has pushed him so hard, that he has asked Sting to let Gunner find a tag partner to face Garett and whoever he chooses to bring an end to the saga. He thanks Flair. He says they have been through ups and downs, but last week he tried to guide Garett like he would his own son. He did it out of love and respect and he is a true pro. Bischoff says nobody is going to want to team with him. He asks who Gunner is going to pick. Angle's music hits. Bischoff is pleasantly surprised. Bischoff can't believe it. Angle says he doesn't like Garett. The crowd chants, "Hardy." Angle says he listened to his dad and he became an Olympic gold medalist. He says Bischoff has great advice to give. He says everyone hates anyone with the Bischoff name, but no disrespect to Bischoff. He's gonna make him, "tap, tap, tap."

Sting is putting on makeup backstage. He is talking to Roode in the mirror. "Ten days to Victory Road." He has snapped, become unhinged. He says he feels so alive. Eric Young shows up. He says he wants to give it to her in the middle of the ring and he needs Sting's blessing. Sting says she wants diamonds, gold, the tag titles. He calls Young, Bobby. He says consider it done. He says Eric Young is the partner. Young is happy with that. Sting says he is a warrior. He returns to the mirror, talking to Roode. He is doing a great Jack Nicholson-as-the-Joker, with a touch of Jim Carrey.


Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Gail Kim/Madison Rayne Vs. ODB/Eric Young

Young avoids Kim and locks up with the ref. He tags ODB. ODB delivers a broncobuster to Kim. ODB hits a fall-away slam. Kim drives her head into the bottom turnbuckle. She tags Madison. The crowd chants for ODB. ODB repeatedly drives Madison's head into her crotch on the top rope. She leaps onto Madison for a near fall. Kim hits ODB behind the ref's back. Kim tags-in. She tags back out. They double-team ODB. ODB hits a clothesline to Madison. She makes the hot-tag to Young. Madison tags Kim in too. Young runs away from her and grabs the ref. Young puts Madison and Kim on his shoulders and does an airplane-spin. He covers Kim, Madison breaks it up. They hits Young with consecutive clotheslines to no avail. They turn around and ODB hits them with both with one clothesline. Madison drives ODB into the steel steps. Young takes off his pants. He grabs Kim by the neck, Madison hits him in the back of the head with the title, he falls on Kim. He pins her while she screams beneath him.

Winners by pin and new Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Eric Young and ODB

Young throws the title down. He grabs ODB's hand. Young gets on one knee. He literally looks like Randy Savage in 1991, when he proposed to Elizabeth.


Young says they're in love and they just got an apartment. He asks ODB to marry him. The crowd chants, "say yes." Young gives her a ring. She helps him up and walks away. She gets on her knee and holds the ring up to him. He screams, "Yes!" He runs around the outside of the ring. He gets back in and jumps into her arms. They kiss and roll around in the ring.

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