The show starts with a recap of the Laurinaitis/Long situation. The narrator of the video package says Laurinaitis is in charge for one night only, or is it? Laurinaitis and David Otunga are in the ring as a cage is being lowered around them; Otunga introduces Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis says he is going prove he's worthy of his role by booking a championship cage match to start the show; something Long never did.

U.S. Title Cage Match: Santino vs. Jack Swagger

Cole is cheerleading for Johnny Ace: "Let's go Johnny." He is waving a cutout of Laurinaitis' face. Swagger pounds Santino in the corner. He sends Santino face-first into the cage. Santino is trying to climb out; he is stopped by Swagger. Santino is sent to the cage again. He is taunting Santino; he could've escaped. Santino mounts a comeback. The cobra comes out. Ziggler is on the outside and he distracts Santino; Santino's cobra snaps at him and Ziggler falls off the cage. Santino hits the cobra to Swagger as Swagger lifts him. Ziggler is yelling because he just got banned from ringside.


Swagger takes off the cobra and throws it. Santino gets a near fall. Swagger hits a reverse splash from the second turnbuckle. Santino catches him trying to escape. Santino almost gets over; Swagger grabs his leg and pulls him down. Santino hits a DDT off the turnbuckle. Santino heads for the door, and gets pulled in, twice. Swagger has the ankle-lock on Santino at the door. Vickie accidentally slams the door in Swagger's face, Santino escapes.

Winner by escaping through the door: Santino (8:00)

Long comes out and hugs Santino on the stage. Cole has an exclusive interview with Sheamus and Bryan in the ring.


They hype The Rock Concert/Cena Rap. They show footage of each man's past musical forays; it is a more detailed video than they showed at the end of RAW.

Laurinaitis and Otunga are backstage. They are not happy; Long walks in. Laurinaitis wants to book Kane vs. Aksana. Long wants to put their differences to the side. He says not to put Aksana in harm's way. Johnny wants a "please." Long says please. Johnny wants an apology for Long's behavior. He gets it. Johnny says that is not good enough. He wants to settle it man to man tonight. Johnny says if Long wins, then Kane will face her. Long says, "If I win?!" Johnny calls him "playa;" Long leaves. The camera holds on Johnny smirking at Otunga, who sips his coffee and nods his head in approval. Booker wonders if Long is actually going to do this; he says Teddy is 106 years old.

They show a video package of the Shawn/HHH/Taker saga.

Taker and Michaels will both be in the same ring on RAW on Monday.


Drew McIntyre comes to the ring in his gear. They show his match from last week. They say he's fired. He grabs a mic and says, yes, he's fired but he's here because of Laurinaitis. If he beats a mystery opponent, then he gets his job back. It's Khali. Otunga comes out on the stage right before the bell rings and tells Khali to get out of the ring because he's not in the match. He introduces…Hornswoggle. He is scared.

Drew McIntyre vs. Hornswoggle

McIntyre slams him, pins him and lifts him before the count of three. He slams him again, but breaks his own count again. He hits a backbreaker. The ref stops the match.

Winner by stoppage: Drew McIntyre (1:00)

McIntyre celebrates; he turns around into a big chop from Khali. Khali checks on Hornswoggle.

Backstage, Long is in the locker room. Aksana runs up, crying to him. He tells her not to be scared. He wants to teach Laurinaitis a lesson.


Rock DVD

Laurinaitis is backstage shadow-boxing. The camera pans up, showing his green tights (they look like they're from the movie: Robin Hood: Men in Tights). Otunga comes in and says Kane is "one angry monster."

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mark Henry

Henry was inducted into The International Sports Hall of Fame. They show stills of the ceremony and Henry lifting, when he was younger. They exchange blows. Jackson tries to lift Henry up. Henry trash talks Jackson while he pounds Jackson. He hits the World's Strongest Slam for the pin.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry (2:00)

Laurinaitis with Otunga and Long with Aksana are shown backstage, walking to the ring.


John Laurinaitis vs. Teddy Long

Long has on a black WM28 shirt with black nylon jogging pants. Laurinaitis has a black Puma windbreaker to match his green tights. Johnny grabs a mic and asks if Long really wants to do this. He asks if he knows what Kane is going to do to Aksana. He tells Long to "lay down." Kane's music hits. Long shields Aksana behind him as Kane enters the ring. Orton shows up and RKO's Kane right before he enters the ring. Laurinaitis is screaming at Orton. Long sneaks up behind Laurinaitis and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Teddy Long (2:00, from the time the bell sounded, 5 seconds of actual match)

Long and Aksana leave up the ramp; Laurinaitis and Otunga are in the ring; they are not happy. They show Long and Aksana walking in the back; they are going to dinner. They cut back to Laurinaitis pacing in the ring. Orton is standing over Kane like a predator on the outside as Orton's music hits.


Kofi Kingston/R-Truth vs. Primo & Epico

Rosa Mendes! Epico and Kofi start things off. He and Truth double team him. Truth does his dancing leg drop. They double team again. Epico sends Kofi to the ropes, Primo opens the ropes from the apron so Kofi falls out of the ring. Primo hits him and sends him back in; Primo is the legal man now. They have Kofi in their corner. Epico puts Kofi in an abdominal stretch. Kofi is trying to reach for the tag. He makes a tag but the ref didn't see it. Primo is back in. Kofi is in a headlock. Kofi fights his way up and almost tags Truth; he makes the hot tag. Truth is gyrating. He hits a corkscrew punch. Rosa comes on the apron and distracts the ref. Kofi and Truth double team Primo. Truth pins Primo.

Winners by pin: Truth/Kofi (4:30)

Cole interview with Bryan/Sheamus is next.


WWE Magazine

They show Rock's promos from Monday (they don't call it a RAW Rebound, nor did they for the Michaels/HHH video).

Cole is in the ring he introduces his guests. Sheamus is first.


Edge's movie Bending the Rules is out now.

Cole introduces Daniel Bryan; he comes out with AJ. Cole calls Bryan "champ." Bryan says he is not the champ because he is lucky. He is running down his accomplishments. He says it's scientific wrestling and being a vegan, plus his charisma and his sex-appeal. Cole says Sheamus' Royal Rumble win was luck of the Irish. Sheamus says he's lucky to be in the U.S., to be in the WWE, to be in front of tonight's crowd. But he also believes you make your own luck. He says he's had some luck but he doesn't hide behind a little girl. AJ tries to say something but Bryan tells her to shut up. Bryan says that she has actually gotten in the way. Sheamus says Bryan should be the one wearing a skirt. He calls Bryan a whiny wimp. He is going to win the world title. Cody Rhodes' music hits. The interview is over. The six man tag is beginning.


Orton/Show/Sheamus vs. Bryan/Miz/Rhodes

Rhodes and Sheamus start things off. Orton tags in. Rhodes gets the advantage and tags Bryan. Bryan dropkicks Orton in the corner. Orton hits his own dropkick, tags Show. Show body slams him with one hand. Bryan tags Miz; he doesn't want to get it. Show makes him jump. Miz rolls to the outside. Cody tags in. He tags back out immediately. Show pulls Miz in the ring.


Sheamus is sent to the outside by Miz; Bryan flies off the apron with a knee to Sheamus. Bryan tags in; Miz puts Sheamus back in the ring. Sheamus and Bryan go back and forth. Miz tags in. Rhodes, then Bryan tag in. Miz is the legal man; he has Sheamus in a headlock. Sheamus works his way up; Miz stops him and tags Rhodes. They have Sheamus cut-off. Cole makes a "G.I. Bro" reference to Booker. Rhodes gets a near-fall. Sheamus hits a back-breaker; he tags Orton. Show chases Rhodes to the back. Sheamus and Bryan fight on the outside. Miz tries a Skull-Crushing Finale; Orton counters and hits the RKO for the pin.

Winners by pin: Orton/Show/Sheamus (11:00)

Kane shows up and pulls Orton to the outside. They exchange blows. They slam each other's' heads into the announcer booth. Kane sends Orton into the pole. Orton hits a European uppercut. He sends Kane to the pole. Kane punches him over the guardrail, into the fans. He follows. They fight through the crowd. They brawl toward the upper-deck. The show ends.

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