-- Road Warrior Animal recently appeared on KFAN Sports Radio and was asked if Sting should be called an icon. "No!," said Animal (props to Bleacher Report for the transcription). "Sting is not in the same league as guys like Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock. Sting will never be considered a legend or icon until he lets his pride go and joins WWE... He needs to bury his personal issues and just get into the WWE. Sting has to come over to the WWE to be that guy, it's a bigger stage. Impact is one thing, the WWE is a way bigger thing."

-- Shane Helms, who recently announced on his Twitter that he will become a father this year, posted an update on his recovery on his Twitter, writing, "Every step is still pins & needles, but I'm just happy to be able to walk. Never giving up!" Helms continues to recover after being involved in a serious motorcycle accident last May, where he needed 200 stitches and suffered a broken ankle, a broken jaw and a broken nose as well as other fractures.

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