WWE Live Event Results From Toronto (3/10) - Miz Vs. R-Truth, Punk, Cena

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Winner: Chris Jericho

John Cena cut a promo, but you could not really hear what he said because the crowd was too loud with little kids screaming and people who don't wet their beds booing. He said something about Kane.

Next match is a tag team champions match. Mason Ryan and Alex Riley come out. Not much of a reaction, but I can say Mason Ryan is one big guy. Epico and Primo come out with little reaction as well. Rosa Mendes is the best part of the match so far. The finish of the match sae Riley come in to clothesline Epico over the top rope, but Epico pulls the ropes down and Riley flies over. Ryan throws Epico over the ropes but then gets caught with a backstabber for the count. Is it me, or is that how they win every single time?

Winner: Epico and Primo.

Cena's music hits to start the "Last Man Standing" match and he gets a mixed reaction, probably 60/40 boos to cheers. Kane comes out with a mixed reaction as well. Throughout the match, the "Let's Go Cena / Cena Sucks" chant goes on. The finish saw Kane set up a table in the middle of the ring, but Cena uses it by putting Kane through it with a Attitude Adjustment to get the 10 count and win the match.

Winner: John Cena

The main event has finally arrived. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler in a two out of three falls match. CM Punk comes out to a huge pop, easily the biggest of the night. They get off on a slow start and CM punk gets an early fall with a roll up. Punk and Ziggler go back and forth with some excellent wrestling. Chris Jericho comes out and distracts CM Punk, which allows Ziggler to hit Punk with a Zig-Zag to tie it up at one apiece. Jericho then gets ejected by the ref and the crowd goes crazy. They then continue with some excellent wrestling. Easily the best wrestling match of the night. They both get to hit their signatures on each other. Punk lands a nice round house kick, high knee to the bulldog, and the diving elbow while Ziggler lands some nice drop kicks and leg drop bulldogs. Ziggler gets Punk in the sleeper, but Punk powers out but knocks over the ref as he's getting up. Jericho comes back out and hits the code breaker on Punk. Ziggler covers Punk but Punk kicks out at two and a half. They wrestling for about a minute more before Punk nailed Ziggler with the GTS for the victory.

Winner: CM Punk

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