Jim Ross is back with his latest blog. As always, the blog is a must-read, here are some highlights:

What it will take to get The Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame: "What will it take to get Warrior in the WWE HOF? I don't know but I know that attempting to barter additional video projects such as a DVD, etc likely won't get it done. I'm not in that loop, luckily, but basic, logical communication usually works best. No one I know has ever argued that Warrior isn't deserving. Personally, I have no issue with his outspoken personality as it is Warrior being Warrior and exercising his First Amendment rights."

How TNA can allow Ric Flair to attend the WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: "Logically, how could they not? How does it hurt TNA? Why would any logical business want to deprive one of their people a well deserved moment of recognition from their fan base? Plus, comparing WWE and TNA as if it was the second coming of the Monday Night Wars is laughable. To me, this matter is much to do about nothing. Ric Flair comes to Miami and is with the Horsemen to be recognized for distinguished service to the business and then he returns to TNA to resume whatever it is that he's doing."

If he is concerned about the WWE locker room being jealous of the Rock: "Not in the least. I say 'get over it' if you are indeed so immature and insecure to have such an asinine reaction. If one wants to perform at WM28 make sure that one's in ring work and out of ring professionalism is such that you CAN'T be omitted from the card. Rock is going to assist in baking a LARGE PIE of which many will get an enhanced slice."

If he would like to see Steve Austin have one last match at a WrestleMania: "As a fan, 'Oh Hell, Yeah!' But that's a decision that's completely Steve's. Just an assumption but if it is going to happen, one wold think it would be at WM29 OR would he wait until the historic WM30? Personally, I can't see the Texas Rattlesnake doing multiple matches but who knows?"

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, including him addressing rumors of almost coming to blows with "Diamond" Dallas Page during a recent taping of Legends Roundtable, RAW this Monday night, if HBK can steal the show at 'Mania and much more. You can check it out by clicking here.

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