-- TMZ.com reports that a source close to Linda Hogan states that she wants to see the recently revealed sex tape involving Hulk Hogan and an unidentified brunette. Hulk had told TMZ that the tape was made after Hogan went on a "4-month alcohol-fueled lady-screwing bender" between the time he left Linda and met current wife Jennifer, meaning that the tape has to be at least 5 years old. Linda apparently believes that the tape could prove that Hulk cheated on her and be a key piece of evidence in Hulk's defamation suit against her, in which he alleges that Linda lied about him cheating on her and being abusive.

-- Fighters.com has an interview with Trish Stratus, who talked about female MMA fighters stepping up to the plate and proving themselves. "We had the same thing in wrestling where we'd have the crowd chanting 'puppies' but once we brought it and delivered some solid action in the ring those chants stopped and fans began chanting for us and what we were doing in the ring," said Stratus. "WWE Productions noticed that and ended up giving us more time and more devotion to our storylines and character development." You can check out the full article at this link.

-- The Hawkeye has an article about former WWE wrestler Drew Molzhon, who wrestled as Jacob Novak on the fourth and fifth seasons of NXT. Molzhon revealed in the article that he is considering re-auditioning for WWE now that he is completely rehabilitated from a hip injury he suffered in 2011. You can check it out by clicking here.

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