WWE RAW Results: Rock Concert/Cena Rap - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Winner: Brodus Clay

Brodus dances after the match with his girls as we see a replay of the match. We see Shawn Michaels walking backsage. We'll hear from him next.

We come back to Shawn Michaels's music, and HBK comes out. Shawn looks all business as he says that at WrestleMania, it will be the end of an era, and he will be referee. Shawn says he got some information he wasn't aware of last week, and we see a replay of Triple H saying everyone runs their mouth saying Shawn couldn't end the streak and that Triple H is going to end the streak for him and Shawn. Shawn says no one has implied that he's a failure, or that he couldn't get the job done. He says someone has been absent the last few weeks, but thankfully that person is here tonight, and he tells Undertaker to come out. Undertaker makes his usual entrance, wearing his hooded attire that he wore last time. As Undertaker walks very slowly down the ramp, I feel the need to acknowledge the "Explain GTV" sign I saw that is now trending on Twitter. Seriously, how awesome is that? It's been 13 years and they never explain what GTV was to us! Finally, Undertaker gets in the ring, and Shawn says they always had respect for each other, and they did things no one would forget, but Undertaker of all people should have to guts to say things to Shawn's face, not behind his back. 'Taker asks what he wants him to say, that he's a failure. Undertaker says Shawn isn't repeating 'Taker's words, he's repeating the words chosen for him by Triple H.

Undertaker brings up Shawn's insecurities, and Shawn says that Undertaker was the one that practically begged for the match at 'Mania, and it's because last year Triple H beat him within an inch of his life. Shawn says last week he told Triple H he knew who was going to win, and Undertaker says that Shawn should know whatever happens at WrestleMania, he's prepared to accept the outcome, but what he's not prepared to accept is Shawn sticking his ego in it. Undertaker says whatever happens, the outcome should be pure, and if the outcome isn't pure, there will be hell to pay. Shawn says that he looks at this as irony. Isn't it ironic that the guy who's career Undertaker, could possibly be the guy that counts 'Taker's shoulders to the mat, the guy who could turn Undertaker into a failure. Isn't it ironic that he could still be the guy to end the streak. Shawn starts to walk away, but 'Taker stops him, and says that he will beat Triple H and the streak will continue, and he will end an era, but if Shawn doesn't do the right thing, Undertaker will end him. They have a tense stare down before Shawn pats Undertaker on the arm and leaves. As Triple H makes his way onto the stage, he meets Triple H. They exchange words before Shawn leaves. Triple H and Undertaker stare at each other from a distance as Triple H. Triple H does the D-X crotch chop and leaves us with more speculation. Up next CM Punk vs The Miz.

Back from the break, James Roday, our guest ring announcer makes his way out. He says finally the white guy from Psych has found his way to Monday Night Raw. He says it fills him with child-like glee announce this match. He announces Miz first, man this guy is hilarious. The Miz comes out with a mixed reaction as it is his hometown. Saw the Explain GTV sign again. I want to give whoever made that a hug. Punk comes out next as Roday "Finkinizes" his name. We see Jericho watching from the back in ring gear and light up jacket.

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