WWE RAW Results: Rock Concert/Cena Rap - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

He says Cena didn't tell her that he had a wife, and now divorce lawyers are right around the block, but we're still rocking while Cleveland Rocks. Rock says here's a little Diddy about the day Cena was born. He says that little baby Johnny had lady parts, but we're still dancing because Cleveland Rocks. Rock asks if there are any grown men who are John Cena fans. There's lots of boos as Rock points out that there are only a few. Rock asks if he should mess with those guys, and he says through song to grown men that are Cena fans. He says it doesn't matter how hard you try, they'll never taste pie. He calls them walking virgins and says they're 42. Says they dress like Kirk and Spock, but we're dancing 'cause Cleveland Rocks. They show a few grown Cena fans who aren't to happy, but the crowd chants for Rock. Rock asks where the ladies are and lots of them cheer. Rock says he loves women, but there's a special lady who's at home right now and this song is for her. "Rock's getting some wine and a dozen roses, she's going to meet my holy Moses. Gettin' with Rock is the bomb, just ask Cena's mom." Cole keeps snorting on commentary, it's funny, but he should really take his headset off or something. Rock puts down his guitar and says there's only one way to end The Rock concert, there's only one song, and this one's for the people. Rock says everyone sing this song with him. The beat to "We Will Rock You" starts playing. Rock sings about Cena to the beat, the words playing on the titantron, either so the crowd can sing along, or so Rock doesn't forget his words. Probably both, but this is still pretty cool. Rock does his catchphrase as the show goes off air.

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off with your thoughts below.

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