Several Former TNA Employees Share Backstage Stories On Jeff Hardy

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Several Former TNA Employees Share Backstage Stories On Jeff Hardy
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Written By Brett Buchanan of

Jeff Hardy debuted in TNA in June 2004 at their 2-Year Anniversary Show. X-Division Champion AJ Styles was set to take on Kid Kash, but Kash was injured and TNA needed a replacement. Mere days before the show TNA were able to book Jeff to fill in for Kash, it ended up leaking online a day prior. Jeff had been released by the WWE in 2003 and outside of a disastrous appearance for Ring of Honor as Willow the Whisp (where he was booed out of the building) he had been largely inactive in pro wrestling and focusing on his music, art, and other recreational activities.

Jeff debuted as AJ Styles' mystery opponent to one of the loudest pops in TNA history. Hardy and AJ went on to have an entertaining 8-10 minute match that ended in a DQ when Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt (at the time known as Dallas) interfered. Hardy and AJ ended up getting the upper hand fighting them off. Hardy then stayed off television for a few weeks while they did a storyline where Dusty Rhodes was trying to get Hardy to sign with the company. This culminated in Jeff returning in July for a contract signing and beginning a program with Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World Championship.

MARCUS CYGY: It was always negative backstage about Jeff Hardy [during his first TNA run], no one thought he cared no one thought he was trying he was just going through the motions.

DAVID YOUNG: His run was a total waste of time; Jeff just didn't seem into it. Some TV's we didn't even know Jeff was there until his music started playing.

SCOTT HUDSON: Jeff was only in there for a cup of coffee to begin with that first time. But he was, how do you phrase this, he really wasn't acceptable enough to even me, not that I'm any kind of great big deal, but even to me I never got a chance to talk to him except for the promos. If you had ever seen me do a promo with Jeff, that's the only times I've ever talked to him in my life. Everybody else was always hanging out talking about territories and football and whatever else, but not him. I don't think he was stand offish or anything he just wasn't around for that.

BILL BEHRENS: I had tougher times getting Randy Savage to the ring than I did Jeff Hardy.

LARRY ZBYSZKO: I liked Jeff, I was there and I was the committee guy when Jeff came in. I like Jeff Hardy he's an off the wall character but he's got a great charisma, I got along with him great he's a very personable guy and I know Jeff's in his own world but I think Jeff Hardy is very good, I mean the people love him. In the wrestling business, even whether you like somebody or you think somebody's an asshole, if the crowd buys them it's their money and their ratings then it's good for the company, and I think Jeff's good.

BIG VITO: I spoke to Jeff in TNA and everything was fine and I knew him for a long time.

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