Matt Striker and William Regal are in the ring. Regal says that tonight's theme is tag-teams.

Uso's vs. Titus O'Neil/Darren Young

O'Neil and Young mock the Uso's war dance on the stage; they ask themselves where the pyro is. The Uso's tag in and out several times, isolating Titus. Young tags in and is quickly picked off by Jey. Jey whips Young to the turnbuckle; Young goes over the top, and onto the floor. Jey tags Jimmy, then he leaps off of the apron and delivers a cross-body to Young on the outside. Jimmy does the same to Titus, who is also on the outside.


Jimmy is in the ring trading blows with Young. Both teams tag a couple of times, taking turns at offense. Young and Titus both antagonize the crowd some. Young drops Jey throat-first on the top rope. Jey is being kept away from his corner; the crowd chants "Let's go Uso!" Jey makes the hot-tag; Young tags out as well. Jimmy hits Titus with a modified running 'Stink-face.' Young breaks the count. Jey throws Young out; Titus throws Jey out. Jimmy hits a crucifix slam on Titus and tags Jey, who leapfrogs off of the top turnbuckle for the win.

Winners by pin: The Uso's (8:05)

Earlier in the day: A-Ry is backstage dribbling a basketball with Percy Watson. They're doing some friendly teasing. Watson says he will show him how it's done. Hawkins and Reks come into the shot; Hawkins slaps the ball out of Watson's hand; they argue. Regal shows up, cup of tea in-hand, and says he would have thought Reks and Hawkins would be on their best behavior after last week. He makes a match between the four men, and if Reks and Hawkins lose, they'll have to do Regal's laundry.


Reks/Hawkins vs. Alex Riley/Percy Watson

Percy looks like Zeus (the wrestler, not the king of gods). Watson and Hawkins start-off; Hawkins quickly tags Reks. Watson and Reks trade punches; Watson hits a nice dropkick. Reks powers Watson to Reks' corner; A-Ry complains to the ref about the double-teaming; which gives Reks and Hawkins more time to double-team. Reks gets a near-fall on Watson. Watson makes a tag to A-Ry. A-Ry takes out Reks and delivers a Stinger Splash to Hawkins. A-Ry goes to the top turnbuckle but Hawkins tosses him to the center of the mat. Hawkins goes to the top turnbuckle and hits an elbow-drop on A-Ry for the pin.

Winners by pin: Reks/Hawkins (5:00)

Reks and Hawkins have mics and they're looking at Regal. Hawkins says Regal has to find someone else to do his laundry; Reks says they're just getting started. They drop the mics and leave; Regal looks amused.

Backstage: Maxine is in Striker/Regal's office. She throws Striker's pic of Ronald Regan and replaces it with one of Queen Elizabeth with a bow and a note. As she goes to leave, Kaitlyn literally runs into her. Kaitlyn says she is playing tag with Derrick. Kaitlyn says she almost missed her flight because of a cancelled reservation. Maxine says maybe she knows who it was. Kaitlyn says she maybe she'll knock the look off her face. Bateman shows up and says save it for the ring. Curtis shows up and says the four of them should get it on right there. He says he's talking about the match; Maxine leaves, Curtis sniffs Kaitlyn's hair, Maxine pulls him away by his ear. Kaitlyn tags Bateman and runs away; he runs after her.


HHH/Michaels/Taker will be in the ring on Monday.

Cena vs. Mark Henry on RAW

Michael McGillicutty makes his way to the ring. They show his problems with Kidd over the past few weeks. He says Kidd is like a fly and he's pathetic like all these fans. They start chanting, 'you suck.' He says he grew up around wrestlers. He says Kidd won't get a rematch. Kidd comes out. They're both using the crowd to get-over. Kidd says he's been wrestling since he was 16. McGillicutty says he'll never be a Hart. Kidd ponders this for a moment, then hits McGillicutty in the face with his mic. They brawl to the outside. Kidd sends him into the ring and attempts a Sharpshooter; McGillicutty escapes and starts to leave. Kidd demands for him to get in the ring; McGillicutty says he's got his rematch.


RAW Rebound: Rock/Cena; Matthews says 'attitudinal.'

Derrick Bateman/Kaitlyn vs. Johnny Curtis/Maxine

Maxine starts things off with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn hits 2 consecutive drop toe-holds. Maxine screams; Curtis comes in to restrain her.


Christian will return and have Johnny Ace and Teddy Long on the Peepshow, on Smackdown.

Bateman and Curtis are in action. Maxine screams at Kaitlyn from across the ring. Curtis hits a body slam on Bateman and turns back to stare at Kaitlyn; she pretends to throw up. Bateman rolls him up from behind for a near fall. Curtis works on his ankle; Bateman works his way up and kicks Curtis in the head, Kaitlyn gets a shot in, Bateman hits a front DDT, and pins him.

Winners by pin: Bateman/Kaitlyn (3:30)

Kaitlyn and Bateman hug on the stage; Maxine yells at a cowering Curtis in the ring. Bateman grabs a mic and says he and Maxine are officially over, because she's crazy. He 'tags' Kaitlyn and kisses her.

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