Source: ROH

Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole, formerly known as tag team "Future Shock", will each receive a title shot at the ROH TV Championship, currently held by Jay Lethal. O'Reilly will have his chance on the first night of Showdown in the Sun on March 30th against Lethal. The winner of the match will then defend the title against Cole at the TV tapings that will take place on April 7th in Baltimore, MD.

"This is my moment to shine," said O'Reilly, when informed of his opportunity. "Not alongside Davey, as much as a privilege as that may be, and not saddled with Adam, but standing on my own two feet. Jay had a pair of impressive battles with Davey, ones that I watched very, very closely because I knew in my heart that one day I would be in the ring with you myself Jay. I watched, I learned, and that I will keep studying tape until the opening bell rings. I hope your head is in the game Jay, not worried about who wins the World Title, not hoping Roderick somehow beats Davey so you get your shot. I hope you're focused on me if you want to have a hope of keeping that belt. You couldn't beat Davey on two different occasions, I train with the man everyday; you do the math."

If either O'Reilly or Cole win the championship, it will be the first title of any kind that either competitor will have held in ROH.

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