Leon 'Vader' White Discusses His 1995 Backstage Altercation With Paul Orndorff

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In the end, White seems ready to let the incident fade away and seems more regretful about the whole situation than anything else.

"That whole story gets blown up every time I hear it. 'Well, he did this to you and he did this to you.' You know, I was 400 pounds and I could bench 600 and Paul had one arm. Again, Paul's a tough guy but certainly at that point -- at 225 or 230 pounds at that point. Really, one of his arms had nerve damage that really crippled him," White said. "You know what? Paul Orndorff's a big, big, tough man. I'm sure he would agree to fight me ten out of ten times. At that given moment, after I had slapped him, I'm backed against the wall. I'm not going to lose my job, I'm not going to jail. Then, when I was ready to fight, he was [the one trying to save his job]. I don't know what was said to him when he got in that agent's room.

"You know, it's just unfortunate. He was a football player, I was a football player before. We had a lot of things in common. Heck, I had given him a red labrador. I had actually shipped it from Denver when my male and female labrador had puppies. He wanted to train it and teach it to be a hunting dog. So, it was just unfortunate as he was a friend of mine before. I have no hard feelings. Quite frankly, you get tired of telling the story and rehashing it. ... Yeah. That's exactly what happened. Period."

To check out the entire discussion, check out the video below.

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