Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are at ringside. Matthews informs us that Beth Phoenix will face Kelly Kelly.

Justin Gabriel vs. Hunico

Hunico cuts a promo in Spanish, then English, as he rides down the ramp. He basically berates the American fans and says he's worked hard all his life. Gabriel and Hunico make some quick exchanges; Hunico works on a side headlock. Hunico is now working on the left arm; he hits an arm-drag and applies and arm-bar. Gabriel counters and rolls through for a near fall. Gabriel gets another near fall from a back-slide. Hunico regroups on the outside. Both men counter each other with some aerial moves; Gabriel finally catches Hunico by jumping on him and flipping him over with Gabriel's feet. Gabriel hits a Huricanrana off of the top turnbuckle. They go to the outside; Gabriel hits a modified 619 from the bottom rope as he breaks the ref's count. Gabriel attempts a running cross-body through the ropes to Hunico on the outside, but Hunico catches him with a punch.


HHH/Michaels/Undertaker in the ring on Monday

Cena vs. Mark Henry on RAW

Hunico attempts a back body drop, Gabriel counters with a sunset-flip; Hunico kicks him in the head. Gabriel is thrown to the outside; Camacho kicks him in the head. Hunico hits a sit-down bodyslam but Gabriel's shoulders fall on his thighs. Hunico slaps Gabriel in the corner and hits a snap-mare, back into a headlock. Hunico is perched on the top turnbuckle; he leaps but Gabriel catches him with a dropkick. Gabriel hits some martial arts kicks and forearms; he hits a front dropkick; Hunico rolls out. Gabriel springs off of the top rope and cross bodies both men. Back in the ring, Gabriel springs off of the top rope and dropkicks Hunico in the back of the head. Hunico kicks out. Hunico hits a saido suplex. Hunico attempts a belly-to-back suplex, Gabriel lands on his feet. Gabriel tries a DDT off the top turnbuckle but Hunico counters with a back body-drop into a bridge. Gabriel kicks out. Hunico attempts another slam; Gabriel counters with a DDT. Gabriel is stopped before he can hit the 450 splash from the top turnbuckle. Hunico suplexes him for the pin.

Winner by pin: Hunico (12:00)


R-Truth/Kofi Kingston vs. Reks/Hawkins

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews are on commentary. Kofi and Hawkins start things off. Truth tags-in; he does his dancing leg-drop. Reks tags-in. Kofi tags-in and hits Reks with a double axe handle off the top. Truth quickly tags back in and hits a Kofi assisted Stinger Splash to Reks. Stanford tells us that according to Truth, Little Jimmy has come up with a name for the Truth/Kofi team: Hip-hop Express. Truth cleans house; he tags Kofi who springs off of Truth's back and does a 360 splash on both men on the outside.


Christian returns this Friday with The Peep Show.

Kofi hits a cross-body off the top to Reks; Kofi forfeits the pin as Hawkins was going to break it, himself; Reks throws Kofi over the top rope. Reks and Hawkins double team Kofi for near-fall. Kofi makes the hot-tag. Hawkins bumps around for Truth. Truth plants Hawkins face-first for the pin.

Winners by pin: Truth/Kofi (10:08)


RAW Rebound: Rock/Cena

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Kelly does a Stinkface. Kelly does a modified Lou Thesz Press off the top turnbuckle. (I can't believe I just typed that). Kelly does a Huricanrana in agonizing slow-motion, for a near-fall. Beth slams Kelly on her butt, by her hair. Kelly screams. Kelly does the Helicopter; she plants Beth face-first. Beth hits the Glam Slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Beth Phoenix (5:25)

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