TNA Impact Results: Sting/Roode Contract Signing, Anderson/Daniels, Storm/Gunner, Angle/Garett

TNA Impact Results: Sting/Roode Contract Signing, Anderson/Daniels, Storm/Gunner, Angle/Garett
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Sting and Roode arrive backstage; they show a video package of their saga.

James Storm makes his way to the ring. He has been waiting for his title match since November. He says Roode is selfish. He's going to give Roode an ass-whippin'. He starts to say sorry 'bout your luck, but he says Roode is going to need all the luck he can get. Bully Ray comes out. Storm challenges him to a match. Bully says, 'kiss my cavs.' Bully Ray says he'll take him out in 3 days. Storm approaches him on the ramp. Ray says he's going to fight Gunner. Gunner comes out and stares Storm down. They brawl, but are separated by the agents.

Backstage: Gail Kim and Madison Rayne are arguing. They complain to Sting. He says this is a bad night. Gail is going to wrestle Mickie and Madison will wrestle Velvet. They continue arguing as Sting walks away.


Roode cuts a promo package about taking Sting out at Victory Road.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Skye

Velvet attacks Madison with a mount. Velvet rams her into the turnbuckle. Madison slams her head to the mat and waves to the crowd. She throws Velvet to the outside. Madison hits a neck-breaker in the ropes for a near fall. Velvet counters a headlock with a chin-buster. Velvet hits a clothesline. Velvet rolls her up, attempts to grab the tights, Madison counters with her own roll up, grabs the tights and makes the pin.

Winner by pin: Madison Rayne (4:00)

Earlier in the day: Morgan and Crimson are arguing about last week. Crimson says we won didn't we? Crimson says he's undefeated and he knows about winning matches. Morgan says they'll be good when they get their titles back.


Crimson w/ Morgan vs. Samoa Joe w/ Magnus

Joe kicks Crimson in the head in the corner. Joe snap mares him with kicks to the chest. Morgan distracts Joe, Crimson capitalizes. Crimson hits a neck-breaker. Joe hits a snap slam for a near-fall. Crimson hits a spine-buster. Crimson charges him; Joe catches him with a Rock Bottom. Magnus and Morgan fight on the outside; Morgan drives Joe's neck across the top rope; Crimson hits a spear for the pin.

Winner by pin: Crimson (4:00)

Austin Aries is backstage with a bottle of champagne.


Aries is in the ring. He tells the fans to keep it down. He says it's a great day to break records. He says he is the longest running X-Division champion of all time. He shows a video of his highlights with the title. He is dancing to the music in the ring. He thanks himself. He thanks his opponents for being good but not great; he toasts himself. Zema Ion comes out to the ring. Ion says he better give him the title now because this Sunday the same thing that happened to Sorensen can happen to him. Aries tells Ion to toast him and gives him the glass. Ion makes a toast and throws the champagne in his face. Aries grabs him and pours the bottle on him; Aries throws him out of the ring. Ion is screaming about his hair as he walks up the ramp.

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