Source: F4WOnline

- WWE announcer Scott Stanford says he was a victim of theft. He wrote on Twitter: "The person who used my card for groceries in Fla today, Im hunting you down as we speak, I want the $ and the food! Hope you got Ring Dings!"

- Tough Enough trainer Bill DeMott has reportedly been working on creative with Dusty Rhodes down in FCW, WWE's developmental territory.

- Speaking of DeMott, he was asked about another season of Tough Enough again this week and said his fingers are crossed.

- Filming for WWE Legends House has wrapped as Roddy Piper is back on Twitter.

- There are rumblings that besides Yokozuna, one more name may be announced for the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Up until this week, Yokozuna was expected to be the final name announced.

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