Re-Post: TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

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Joseph Park is backstage asking Gunner about Abyss. Gunner says he's got a match a leaves. Park chuckles.

ODB and Young are in the locker room making plans for the wedding. Young sees the ring and it reminds him of a wrestling ring. They are going to get married on Impact.

Angle is backstage. He says Garett "b---h-off" has to face him in a 5 minute match. He says Hardy's last match might be this Sunday; he hates Hardy.


Sting cuts a promo package about Victory Road. He says it's going to be every personality he's ever had. It will be a good night; he might even surprise himself.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim

They exchange some fast-paced offense. Kim grabs the title; James stops her from using it. Kim hits a unique knee-breaker. Kim is working the knee. Kim applies a submission move on the knee; it looks like a Figure-Four. She applies a different one; it's like a half Boston Crab. James recovers and hits a Thesz Press. Kim grabs the title again and drills her in the head for the pin.

Winner by pin: Gail Kim (6:00)

Earlier in the day: Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about AJ. Kazarian and Daniels interrupt. They say their situation with AJ has nothing to do with Anderson. They say this will end like one of Anderson's movies: poorly. Anderson says they'll find out tonight.


Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels

Anderson grabs the mic on the stage and says he's "missed you a**holes." Daniels gets the early advantage. Daniels has a cut on his cheek. Anderson hits a couple of hip-tosses. Daniels hits a knee to Anderson's torso. Daniels stomps him in the corner. Daniels hits a Northern Lights Suplex, into a bridge for a near-fall. Anderson hits a neck-breaker. Daniels gets kicked in the head; Daniels puts his foot on the rope to break the count. Kazarian makes his way to the ring; AJ pulls him off the apron; Anderson hits the Mic Check for the pin.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson (6:00)


Hardy is backstage. He says it's gotten personal between him and Angle. He hopes Angle is ready.

Five Minute Challenge: Kurt Angle vs. Garett Bischoff

Angle charges him as soon as the bell sounds. Taz says he knows about facing Angle. Angle hits a snap-suplex; he pulls Garett up before the ref can count to three. Angle keeps his eyes on the clock. Angle plays to the fans. Garett tries to mount a comeback; Angle hits a crossface forearm. He throws Garett to the outside. Angle snap-suplexes Garett on the floor. Kurt breaks his own count again. Angle hits a belly-to-belly. 1 minute left. Angle hits a leg-drop; he pulls down his straps. Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but Garett counters. He throws Angle to the outside. 15 seconds left. Garett hits a front dropkick; Angle hits the Angle Slam, time runs-out.

Draw: Garett survives (5:00)

Angle punches the ref and begins pounding Garett. He puts him in the ankle-lock. Hardy comes out and makes the save. Angle retreats as he and Hardy stare each other down.

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