The show starts off with it's usual pyrotechnics and music. Then, Lillian Garcia announces that Christian is making his return to Smackdown!, his music hits and out walks the former World Heavyweight champion to host "The Peep Show".

Christian welcomes everyone to the return of the show saying that's he's excited for the interesting and amazing show. Christian says that it was recently reported that there would be a 12-man tag team match at WrestleMania between Team John Laurinaitis and Team Teddy Long. Christian said that it will affect WWE because the winner will become the Raw and Smackdown! general manager. Then, Christian introduces John Laurinaitis, his team captain, David Otunga and Mark Henry.

In the ring, Laurinaitis gets on the mic and thanks Christian for inviting his team onto the show. Christian says that it's an honor to have "Mr. Excitement" in the ring with "Captain Charisma". Then, Christian says that he is welcoming into the ring a man that many people feel has no honor: Teddy Long. Long's music hits and out comes Long accompanied by Aksana. It is also announced that R-Truth is now on Team Teddy Long petitioning to be on the team via social networking.

Christian says that the match in unheard of and that maybe he should do something unheard of. He says that maybe he should put his personal and professional feelings aside and should let both Teddy and John convince him to be on their team at WrestleMania. Christian then says that since he's a nice guy, he'll give Teddy Long the chance to speak first. Teddy, however, just looks Christian up and down and Christian then asks him why he's doing that. Christian says that Teddy has to admit that he carried Smackdown! on his back. Christian then says that whatever team he's on is going to win so Teddy better make the offer worth his while. Christian says that everyone knows what he deserves and that is one more match for the world Heavyweight championship.

Teddy then says that Christian already got what he deserves. However, Teddy respects everything Christian as done. However, he won't beg Christian to be on his team. At WrestleMania, when Team Teddy wins, whatever superstar wants a shot at any title, they have to earn it on his watch. However, they won't if they annoy or disrespect him. Laurinaitis then cuts in, asking what Teddy knows about respect. John says that he respects Christian and that it would be a honor if Christian were to join his team. Also, when Team Johnny wins, Christian will have one more championship match for the title.

Christian says that when that opportunity comes, he will not fail. Unlike Teddy. Christian says, who fails at everything he does just like he failed tonight as Christian is joining Team Johnny. Christian then gives Laurinaitis a Captain Charisma t-shirt and they celebrate. However, Christian is ordered to perform tonight by Teddy Long. However, John says that Christian is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Teddy says that that is fine and that David Otunga will be in action instead, facing his newest team member: Kofi Kingston. Kingston, along with Santino then comes out to start the match.

David Otunga vs. Kofi Kingston - Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis, Santino Marella, Aksana and Christian at ringside.

After the commercial break, the match is underway and Otunga seems to be manhandling Kofi Kingston. However, a spinning back elbow by Kingston reverses the rolls. With Otunga in the corner, Kofi goes for a monkey flip, but Otunga counters by slamming Kofi down to the mat before clobbering on Kingston. Otunga then lands an elbow drop before Kingston begins fighting back. Kofi seems to have the upper hand, but Otunga lands a power slam, beating Kofi down and then posing over his prone body.

Anytime that Kofi begins to mount much of an offense, Otunga manages to keep control of the match. However, after hitting Otunga a few times, he hits a huge splash off the top rope and nearly gets the win. Kofi beginning to mount an offense, but Christian grabs Kofi's leg and David capitalizes. Teddy then informs the referee and Christian is forced to go backstage. With Kingston down, Santino gets on the ring apron and Otunga takes his belt off and decks Santino with it. However, when Otunga turns around, he is hit with Trouble In Paradise and he picks up the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

In the backstage area, the Divas locker room is shown, with Daniel Bryan waiting outside the door waiting for AJ. AJ comes out and tells Daniel that the dress she has on doesn't fit, even though she's thankful that he bought it for her. Bryan agrees, saying that it looked a lot better on the mannequin. Bryan says that AJ has to look the part as they are WWE's biggest power couple. Bryan says that he's the World Heavyweight champion and he wants her to be a champion, too, which is why he pulled some strings for tonight. Bryan tells AJ that she's going to be in a match tonight that could lead to a future Divas championship match if she wins. Daniel says that that is the reason he is here tonight, because just like in life, he is going to be in AJ's corner. All AJ has to do is listen to Bryan. AJ says thank you and they kiss before Bryan tells AJ to go and get ready for her match because it's next.

Nikki Bella w/ Bre Bella vs. AJ w/ Daniel Bryan

Nikki Bella starts the match out on her knees, mocking the shorter AJ as AJ runs up to her and delivers a drop kick. Bryan is still shouting orders at AJ as Nikki begins to gain the upper hand. Nikki steps on AJ's hair and pulls on her arms, stretching her out. Nikki then pins AJ's arms back and wrenches on her chin, before AJ battles back, landing a spinning kick. AJ goes to the top rope and nails a cross body and almost gets the win. Then, Bre tries to perform Twin Magic, but Bryan warns the referee. As the referee is distracted with Bryan, Bre still manages to pull AJ down by the hair. However, when Nikki goes to attack AJ, AJ turns it around and rolls her up for the victory. In the ring, Bryan celebrates, taunting the crowd.

Winner: AJ

Next, Smackdown shows the Raw Rebound. During the Rebound, John Cena's rap and The Rock's "Rock Concert" are highlighted. Also, it's mentioned that John Cena vs. Mark Henry has been scheduled for next Raw.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviews Cody Rhodes. Striker says that Cody has been making The Big Show angry over the last few weeks and wonders how Cody plans to defend his Intercontinental title at WrestleMania against an angry giant. Cody says that this is Chess and not Checkers. Cody says that the magic word is WrestleMania. Cody says that The Big Show is a dominating force all year long except for on the grandest stage of them all. At WrestleMania, Cody believes, The Big Show is a choke artist. Rhodes then points out that The Big Show has never won a one-on-one match at WrestleMania. Cody says that we'll just have to watch and find out how he defeats an angry giant.

The Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody begins the match trying to strike Khali with kicks. However, the power of Khali is shown when he begins to toss and club Rhodes around. In the corner, Khali then delivers a thunderous chop to the chest. Then, in another corner the same happens to Cody. However, Cody finds an opening in the middle of the ring and lands an arm-breaker before trying to keep Khali down. While Khali looks to get up, Cody moves to the lower part of Khali's body and starts trying to stretch his legs. Khali escapes and shoots Cody into the corner as Cody jumps up to the top. However, when he's coming down off the top, he is chopped in the chest mid-air. Khali measures Cody, looking for a big chop, but Cody moves then counters a few times. Cody then heads to the middle rope and lands a drop kick to the knee of Khali. With Khali on his knees, Cody then hits the Beautiful Disaster and gets the victory.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Backstage, Randy Orton is seen walking towards to the entrance way, ready to address his situation with Kane. After the commercial break, Orton's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. In the ring, Randy says that his name is Randy Orton and he usually doesn't talk about his problems. Usually, he hunts them down. However, lately, he feels like he has been hunted by Kane. Orton feels that they are both going down a path that leads to both of them destroying each other. Orton says that he is fine with that but he wants to know why Kane chose him. He's not John Cena because, he says, he does embrace the hate and hate embraces him. Orton then says that he is calling Kane out and wants him to explain himself. Orton says that this way, when the time comes to put Kane down, he'll know why he had to do it.

Just then, fire ignites the entrance momentarily and then the lights turn off. Kane's music then hits and the "Big Red Monster" emerges from the back, standing at the top of the ramp-way. Kane asks Randy if he's demanding a explanation. Kane asks if Randy is uncomfortable living in the unknown. Kane says that he watching people twist in the wind, wondering why, when or how he'd strike next. However, since Randy asked, Kane said he'll clue him in.

Then, a flashback is shown of Smackdown! from last summer, with Randy Orton using the Kendo stick and winning with the RKO. After the match, Kane shook the hand of Orton and Kane limped out of the ring. Kane says, that that was July 22nd, 2011 and Kane has watched that footage every single day to remind himself of what had he become which is a wretched, mangled form of humanity. However, the person that shoot Orton's hand is gone, replaced by someone that has no humanity left inside of him. A monster that he has always been. However, the journey has yet to be completed because the WWE isn't Big Enough for both Kane and Orton. Kane needs closure. Kane says he won't be whole again until he has completely destorys Orton.

Orton says that that was very enlightening and thanks Kane for saying it. Then, Orton says that Kane needs to shut his mouth, get in the ring and see if he can finish what he's started. Kane begins to walk towards the ring but then stops and says that tonight won't do. He wants Orton's demise to happen at WrestleMania. Kane then hits the flames, his music hits and both men stare at each other. Kane then heads to the back as we go to commercial break.

Drew McIntyre enters the ring, after having re-signed with Smackdown! last week once he defeated Hornswoggle. Teddy Long then comes on the TitanTron and says that he's happy Drew is back because it let's him put McIntyre in a match with The Big Show.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Big Show

To begin the match, Drew is trying to have Big Show back away. However, The Big Show charges at him and rams him into the corner before moving towards another and chopping Drew in the chest. Big Show takes Drew out of the corner and scoop slams Drew twice in the middle of the ring. In the corner, Big Show is choking Drew and is pulled away by the referee. Drew then gains the upper-hand with a kick. In the middle of the ring, Drew hits the ropes and Big Show counters with a huge spear. Big Show then lines him up and nails him with a huge Choke Slam. Drew barely able to get to his feet and Big Show delivers the WMD. When Drew is unable to respond, the referee is forced to stop the match.

Winner: The Big Show

Backstage, after the match, Cody Rhodes is shown watching The Big Show celebrate in the ring and as he makes his way to the backstage area.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Mark Henry

Yoshi hits a dropkick to start off the action, followed by a few other blows. However, Mark Henry is barely affected by any of it and a headbutt sends Tatsu to the canvas. Henry goes on the offensive not letting Yoshi get up. Finally, Henry pulls Yoshi up and into the corner, only to knock him down once more. Henry picks his foe up once again and delivers a thudding power slam. With Yoshi out on his back, Henry slaps him across the face and tells Tatsu to wake up. Mark Henry then picks Tatsu up and hit's a power slam before getting the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

Throughout the entire show, Chris Jericho and Sheamus have been advertised for the main event tonight. However, before the match starts, Jericho says that he wants to address the comments about C.M. Punk and his father from Raw. Jericho says that he knows a lot of fans want him to apologize but he isn't going to do that. People think that Jericho went over the line, but you can't go over the line when you tell the truth. Jericho says that the truth about Punk is that he's a fraud. A typical product of an alcoholic father, a broken home and a man that has hundreds of tattoos, trying to hide the fact that he has an alcoholic gene running through his veins. Jericho says that he knows the real Punk, he's figured him out and knows Punk better than he knows himself. Jericho says that he knows that Punk stayed up at nights, crying, knowing what his father did to him. Jericho knows that when he let's loose one of his famous pipe bombs, he really wishes he could say those things to his parents and to his family. Every time C.M. Punk hears people chanting his name, he simply wishes that the demons will go away. But they won't ever go away. Punk wishes he was the best in the world, but he isn't because Jericho is the best in the world at everything he does. C.M. Punk only pretends to be as he wishes he was Jericho. He's a wannabe just like all of the fans in attendance tonight. "Jericlones" who will never be what Y2J is because he proves, night in and night out, that everything he says is true. He's going to prove it tonight against Sheamus and against C.M. Punk at WrestleManie when he leaves as the new WWE champion. Then, at the WrestleMania after-party, Jericho is going to fix himself a nice, thick cocktail and take a nice big drink. Then, he's going to make a toast, not just to himself, but to C.M. Punk and his pathetic father. Jericho then mock-drinks the cocktail and then tells the crowd to chant while they still can for their anti-hero. Jericho then says pipe bomb and drops the microphone before we go into commercial break.

Chris Jericho vs. Sheamus

After Sheamus joins Jericho in the ring, the match is underway. Both men circle the ring before they tie up and Sheamus pushes Jericho to the mat. Sheamus begins to take it to Jericho, forcing Jericho to hold onto the ropes when he's whipped into them and slide outside the ring. Sheamus chases Jericho and Jericho slides into the other side of the ring and hits the ropes. As he comes back, Sheamus leaps over the top rope and lands a shoulder tackle. Sheamus gets Jericho into the corner and begins to work on his arm before the count of five. As he goes back in for more, Jericho reverses the attack and chops his chest. Jericho then whips him into the opposite corner and looks to splash him until Sheamus moves out of the way. With Jericho tied in the ropes, Sheamus goes for his famous, thunderous forearms to the chest and blasts him 10 times. Sheamus then gets Jericho back into the ring for a delayed suplex, only getting a two count.

Sheamus and Jericho then get up and Sheamus looks to attack. However, as he runs at Jericho, Chris holds the ropes down and Sheamus flies out of the ring. With Sheamus on the outside, Daniel Bryan and AJ make their way down the ring as we go to commercial break. As we come back, we see Bryan and AJ sitting near the commentators booth, with Jericho hitting a catapult with Sheamus' neck getting caught on the bottom rope for the guillotine. Jericho continues to attack Sheamus, hitting the snap mare and locking in a variation of a headlock. Sheamus fights through, however and hits the ropes. Jericho, still with his wits about him, lands a knee to the mid-section before taunting a fallen Sheamus.

Jericho then picks Sheamus up and lands a back suplex, but only gets a one count. From his knees, Sheamus delivers some shots of Sheamus. However, Jericho lands a front drop kick and gets another one count before locking in a headlock. Sheamus begins to fight out of it and picks Jericho up on his back only to ram him into the corner. When coming into the corner, however, Jericho kicks his way out of trouble. Jericho goes for a running bulldog, but Sheamus throws Jericho into the opposite corner as both men are down and hurt. They both get up, but Sheamus lands a few double axe handles and then hits the Irish Curse back-breaker. Sheamus then catches Jericho on his shoulders and moves through it for a rolling senton. However, the move only gets Sheamus a two count. Sheamus goes after Jericho, however Jericho hits Sheamus with a thumb to the eye. Jericho then waits for Sheamus to attack and counters the Brogue kick by moving out of the way with Sheamus draped over the top rope. Jericho then hits a drop kick and Sheamus falls to the canvas. With Sheamus in position, Jericho runs to the ropes and hits a Lion Sault. Jericho goes for the cover but only gets a couple of seconds.

Sheamus then fights Jericho off in the corner, before grabbing onto the top rope and rolling into position on the top rope. However, Jericho hits the ropes and crotches the Great White. Jericho goes into attack and Sheamus kicks him back, then hits the Battering Ram off the top rope. Sheamus is now looking for the Celtic Cross. However, Jericho moves out of position and gets Sheamus into the Walls Of Jericho. Sheamus, however, powers out of it as he reaches the ropes. Sheamus then goes for the Celtic Cross once more, but Jericho slides out of it, only to be clotheslined over the top rope. Sheamus goes to the outside and sends Jericho into the barricade. Sheamus then sends Jericho back into the ring, but Jericho keeps Sheamus outside by shoving him off of the ring apron and into the announce table. Jericho distracts the referee and Daniel Bryan hits a front drop kick to Sheamus while he's on his knees. The referee continues his count and Sheamus is counted out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Daniel Bryan and AJ head to the back and Sheamus begins to chase them. However, a hurt Sheamus begins licking his wounds at the bottom of the ramp way, with Bryan smiling at the entrance way. Jericho celebrates in the ring, and Sheamus slides back in to deliver the Brogue Kick. As Smackdown! goes off the air, both Sheamus and Bryan stare each other down.

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