WWE SmackDown Recap: Bryan Vs. Sheamus Heats Up, WMania Match Announced, Big Return

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Backstage, Randy Orton is seen walking towards to the entrance way, ready to address his situation with Kane. After the commercial break, Orton's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. In the ring, Randy says that his name is Randy Orton and he usually doesn't talk about his problems. Usually, he hunts them down. However, lately, he feels like he has been hunted by Kane. Orton feels that they are both going down a path that leads to both of them destroying each other. Orton says that he is fine with that but he wants to know why Kane chose him. He's not John Cena because, he says, he does embrace the hate and hate embraces him. Orton then says that he is calling Kane out and wants him to explain himself. Orton says that this way, when the time comes to put Kane down, he'll know why he had to do it.

Just then, fire ignites the entrance momentarily and then the lights turn off. Kane's music then hits and the "Big Red Monster" emerges from the back, standing at the top of the ramp-way. Kane asks Randy if he's demanding a explanation. Kane asks if Randy is uncomfortable living in the unknown. Kane says that he watching people twist in the wind, wondering why, when or how he'd strike next. However, since Randy asked, Kane said he'll clue him in.

Then, a flashback is shown of Smackdown! from last summer, with Randy Orton using the Kendo stick and winning with the RKO. After the match, Kane shook the hand of Orton and Kane limped out of the ring. Kane says, that that was July 22nd, 2011 and Kane has watched that footage every single day to remind himself of what had he become which is a wretched, mangled form of humanity. However, the person that shoot Orton's hand is gone, replaced by someone that has no humanity left inside of him. A monster that he has always been. However, the journey has yet to be completed because the WWE isn't big enough for both Kane and Orton. Kane needs closure. Kane says he won't be whole again until he has completely destorys Orton.

Orton says that that was very enlightening and thanks Kane for saying it. Then, Orton says that Kane needs to shut his mouth, get in the ring and see if he can finish what he's started. Kane begins to walk towards the ring but then stops and says that tonight won't do. He wants Orton's demise to happen at WrestleMania. Kane then hits the flames, his music hits and both men stare at each other. Kane then heads to the back as we go to commercial break.

Drew McIntyre enters the ring, after having re-signed with Smackdown! last week once he defeated Hornswoggle. Teddy Long then comes on the TitanTron and says that he's happy Drew is back because it let's him put McIntyre in a match with The Big Show.

Drew McIntyre vs. The Big Show

To begin the match, Drew is trying to have Big Show back away. However, The Big Show charges at him and rams him into the corner before moving towards another and chopping Drew in the chest. Big Show takes Drew out of the corner and scoop slams Drew twice in the middle of the ring. In the corner, Big Show is choking Drew and is pulled away by the referee. Drew then gains the upper-hand with a kick. In the middle of the ring, Drew hits the ropes and Big Show counters with a huge spear. Big Show then lines him up and nails him with a huge Choke Slam. Drew barely able to get to his feet and Big Show delivers the WMD. When Drew is unable to respond, the referee is forced to stop the match.

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