WWE SmackDown Recap: Bryan Vs. Sheamus Heats Up, WMania Match Announced, Big Return

WWE SmackDown Recap: Bryan Vs. Sheamus Heats Up, WMania Match Announced, Big Return
The show starts off with it's usual pyrotechnics and music. Then, Lillian Garcia announces that Christian is making his return to Smackdown!, his music hits and out walks the former World Heavyweight champion to host "The Peep Show".

Christian welcomes everyone to the return of the show saying that's he's excited for the interesting and amazing show. Christian says that it was recently reported that there would be a 12-man tag team match at WrestleMania between Team John Laurinaitis and Team Teddy Long. Christian said that it will affect WWE because the winner will become the Raw and Smackdown! general manager. Then, Christian introduces John Laurinaitis, his team captain, David Otunga and Mark Henry.

In the ring, Laurinaitis gets on the mic and thanks Christian for inviting his team onto the show. Christian says that it's an honor to have "Mr. Excitement" in the ring with "Captain Charisma". Then, Christian says that he is welcoming into the ring a man that many people feel has no honor: Teddy Long. Long's music hits and out comes Long accompanied by Aksana. It is also announced that R-Truth is now on Team Teddy Long petitioning to be on the team via social networking.

Christian says that the match in unheard of and that maybe he should do something unheard of. He says that maybe he should put his personal and professional feelings aside and should let both Teddy and John convince him to be on their team at WrestleMania. Christian then says that since he's a nice guy, he'll give Teddy Long the chance to speak first. Teddy, however, just looks Christian up and down and Christian then asks him why he's doing that. Christian says that Teddy has to admit that he carried Smackdown! on his back. Christian then says that whatever team he's on is going to win so Teddy better make the offer worth his while. Christian says that everyone knows what he deserves and that is one more match for the world Heavyweight championship.

Teddy then says that Christian already got what he deserves. However, Teddy respects everything Christian as done. However, he won't beg Christian to be on his team. At WrestleMania, when Team Teddy wins, whatever superstar wants a shot at any title, they have to earn it on his watch. However, they won't if they annoy or disrespect him. Laurinaitis then cuts in, asking what Teddy knows about respect. John says that he respects Christian and that it would be a honor if Christian were to join his team. Also, when Team Johnny wins, Christian will have one more championship match for the title.

Christian says that when that opportunity comes, he will not fail. Unlike Teddy. Christian says, who fails at everything he does just like he failed tonight as Christian is joining Team Johnny. Christian then gives Laurinaitis a Captain Charisma t-shirt and they celebrate. However, Christian is ordered to perform tonight by Teddy Long. However, John says that Christian is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight. Teddy says that that is fine and that David Otunga will be in action instead, facing his newest team member: Kofi Kingston. Kingston, along with Santino then comes out to start the match.

David Otunga vs. Kofi Kingston - Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis, Santino Marella, Aksana and Christian at ringside.

After the commercial break, the match is underway and Otunga seems to be manhandling Kofi Kingston. However, a spinning back elbow by Kingston reverses the rolls. With Otunga in the corner, Kofi goes for a monkey flip, but Otunga counters by slamming Kofi down to the mat before clobbering on Kingston. Otunga then lands an elbow drop before Kingston begins fighting back. Kofi seems to have the upper hand, but Otunga lands a power slam, beating Kofi down and then posing over his prone body.

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