The show started off with Austin Aries defending the X-Division title against Zema Ion. Crowd was into both wrestlers. Aries got the win after planting Ion with a Brain Buster.

Kazarian came out for his match with Matt Morgan. Christopher Daniels was in Kazarian's corner. Daniels won the match after he held Morgan's leg from outside the ring, allowing Kazarian to get the win.

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Title was up next. Both women were playing the angry friends fighting routine. Kim ended up beating Rayne and told her that "you made me do it" as she left.

Devon vs. Gunner is next. Devon was SUPER over and got the biggest pop of the night up to this point. He and Gunner went back and forth before Gunner won. Crowd cheered for Devon regardless.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian were back out for Daniels' match against Crimson. Early in the match, Kaz and Daniels double teamed Crimson and Matt Morgan made the save, and the match was turned into a tag team match. The crowd loved it! Morgan and Crimson ended up destroying them and winning the match.

Bully Ray came out and slowly walked to the ring while staring at all the kids who lined the entry way. Ray was SUPER over and got tons of heat. Bobby Roode came out next to a lot of heat, but not as much as Ray. They are teaming up to face James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

Storm was out next, followed by Hardy, who was WAY over. Hardy and Storm used the superkick and the twist of fate to win the match.

The meet and greet signing was only negative because they were trying to hurry the line and only let 6 people backstage to sign the covers. Roode, Gail Kim, Morgan and Hardy signed autographs during intermission and breaks.

It was a good show, my third TNA live event. Also, Gail Kim and Christopher Daniels did an autograph signing at a Direct Auto location earlier in the day. I went to Gail and Daniels, who were cool, and Gail even remembered us at the event and we joked about it.

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