Source: The Miami Herald

The Miami Herald has an article about TNA Wrestler Matt Morgan and his battles with Attention Deficit Disorder. Here is what Morgan had to say on his learning disabilities.

"I went from 1st grade to 6th grade in different learning disabled classes," said Morgan. "I got kicked out of four different schools between 1st and 3rd grade for all different stuff, because a lot of these teachers and principals didn't have classrooms for learning disabled. They just had normal, mainstream classrooms.

"So they thought I had behavioral issues, when in reality, some kids are starving for attention, and I would do anything it took to keep their attention. I'm talking some crazy, outlandish things. Once we were able to handle my ADD, we used the path Behavior Modification.

"They put me into a learning disabled classroom that had cubicles. So any time it was time for me to study in a situation where I needed to retain information or memorize to take a test the next day, I would do so in a cubicle, where I had no choice but to either pay attention or stare at brown walls. That's not very enlightening and not very entertaining.

"Once we got a handle on that, and we realized Behavior Modification not pharmaceuticals was the way for me to go. The rest was history. From 6th grade on, I was nothing short of first honors. In middle school, I got first honors. In high school, I got first honors. I almost got Valedictorian. In college, I graduated magna cum laude [great honors]."

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