'TNA Victory Road' Results: New Champion, Big Return - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

'TNA Victory Road' Results: New Champion, Big Return - Sound Off With Your Thoughts
Welcome to our live, match-by-match coverage of TNA Victory Road. We will have detailed match-by-match results here. You can also enter your comments during our coverage below.

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The show kicks off with a video package hyping the main event No Holds Barred match between Bobby Roode and Sting.

The Pyro hits and Mike Tenay and Taz are on commentary. They promote the main event and plug Twitter.

Bully Ray comes out to a sea of boos. He tells the crowd to shut up and makes the ref get out of the ring. The crowd chants for Devon. He asks them if they know who he is. "You suck" chant. He says he is trending worldwide. He says he is taking the show hostage. The show will only happen if he gets a number 1 contendership stip for his match. James Storm's music hits.

Storm says Bully has chicken legs; the crowd chants it. Storm says he's got the stip and he's got it right now.

#1 Contendership
Bully Ray vs. James Storm

Bully gets the early advantage. He reaches for Storm's beer, takes a drink, and turns around into the Last Call. Storm gets the pin in about a minute.

Winner by pin and still #1 Contender: James Storm

Jeremy Borash is backstage; Austin Aries is taking questions from Twitter. Bischoff interrupts and tells Borash to take a hike. Bischoff is excited to meet Aries. The question was when will Sting put Aries in the main event. Aries says he is always the main event.

X-Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

Ion slaps Aries and flees to the outside to start the match. Ion puts on some hair spray. They keep running between turnbuckles, with Ion jumping over Aries as Aries chases him. Aries pushes Ion off the turnbuckle; he falls hard to the floor. Aries grabs his phone and tweets.

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