'TNA Victory Road' Results: New Champion, Big Return - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Aries is in control. Ion mounts a comeback. Ion hits a twisting body splash off the turnbuckle. Aries blocks a suplex attempt. Ion clotheslines him over the top and hits a moonsault to the floor. Aries kicks out of a pin. Ion puts the hairspray in his tights. Aries hits a knee breaker and a slam. Aries hits a pendulum elbow for a near fall. Ion grabs the spray and sprays Aries; he gets a near fall. Aries can't see.

Ion puts Aries on the top turnbuckle. He attempts a superplex; Aries counters with a powerbomb. Aries grabs the ref; he is feeling around for Ion. Aries hits a brain buster and follows up with the Last Chanceory for the submission.

Winner by submission: Austin Aries

TNA Tag Team Championship
Crimson and Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus (c)

Morgan starts off with Magnus; Crimson tags himself in. Crimson escapes to the outside instead of tagging Morgan for help. Morgan is asking to get tagged. Crimson keeps ignoring him. Magnus gets dropped on the back of his head by Crimson; the crowd chants for Morgan. Crimson hits a spinebuster for a near fall. Crimson has him in a reverse neck lock. Morgan is pacing the apron. The crowd is chanting "tag your partner." Magnus fights back with punches; he catches Crimson with a clothesline.

Joe tags in; Crimson refuses to. Joe is fresh and dominating. Morgan finally tags himself in. Morgan cleans house. Morgan goes for a finisher; Crimson tags himself in. The two men are arguing; Morgan tags himself in. Magnus attacks Morgan from behind; He and Joe double team while Crimson flees to the outside. Crimson tells Morgan he's the winner of the team; Morgan drops an F-bomb. Morgan hits a double clothesline on his opponents; Crimson sneaks in and spears Morgan. Joe hits a kick to Morgan's head, he snap mares him; Magnus comes off the top with a flying elbow and gets the pin.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Jeremy Borash is backstage with TNA World Champion Bobby Roode. He apologizes for Bischoff. A twitter question is taken: How does Roode plan on winning tonight and getting in the head of Storm? Roode says he will end Sting's career tonight. He tells Storm that he has never beaten him. Storm gets in his face. Storm says at Lockdown he is looking for a fight. He calls Roode a chump and Roode walks away.

TNA Television Championship Open Challenge
Robbie E. (c) vs. ?

Robbie E. grabs the mic and says he has some bad news. He says the open challenge won't happen because everybody already has a match. The crowd chants for RVD. Robbie says now the challenge is open to any fan and makes fun of the fans. He tells T to pose for the fans. Devon comes in through the crowd. Robbie is telling security to get him out of here, but the referee says the match is on.

Devon gets the offensive early on. He hits a big clothesline that sends Robbie to the outside. The crowd chants for tables. Robbie grabs a chair from Brooke Hogan at ringside, but the ref takes it. Robbie hits a reverse elbow. Devon hits a shoulder block, then a neck breaker and finally a spinebuster to get the pin.

Winner and NEW TNA Television Champion: Devon

Borash has Dixie Carter backstage. She says June is the 10th Anniversary of TNA and the company is going to Dallas for Slammiversary. Dixie says she trusts Sting and she'll be at ringside. She says Roode has disrespected everybody and she hopes it ends tonight.

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