'TNA Victory Road' Results: New Champion, Big Return - Sound Off With Your Thoughts

A video package airs for the Gail Kim - Madison Rayne match.

TNA Women's Knockout Championship
Gail Kim (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Madison knocks Kim to the outside. She pulls her back in and gets a near fall. Madison sends her head first into the turnbuckle. Madison hits a suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Kim is in a reverse chin lock. Kim throws her off. Kim yanks on Madison's knee. They exchange blows. Kim hits a cross body splash off the top. Kim hits a vicious missile drop kick. Both women are down.

Kim gets a near fall. Madison hits neck breaker. Madison counters a move and kicks Kim in the gut. Madison screams, "we're not friends anymore!" Kim hits an "Eat The Feet" for the pin.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. Daniels says he's running the show, not Kazarian.

Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Anderson stars off with Daniels. Kazarian soon tags in. Styles and Daniels tag in. AJ hits an arm drag. Dixie is looking on at ringside. Daniels punches him in the face. Daniels tries to leave; all four men battle on the outside. AJ hits a vicious flying knee on Kazarian; Anderson drops an elbow on Daniels. AJ and Daniels are legal. AJ hits a much delayed suplex on Daniels.

Anderson tags in. Kazarian tags and gets double teamed by AJ and Anderson. Daniels is in and applies an abdominal stretch to AJ. AJ charges into the corner; Daniels hits him with a big boot. AJ reaches for a tag; Daniels stays in control. AJ hits some high flying moves and tags Anderson. Anderson cleans house. AJ attempts a moonsault but Daniels falls to his back and AJ hits Daniels boots face first; nice move. All four men are executing some nice moves. Kazarian is in with Anderson; AJ tags. AJ hits the "Styles Clash" on Kazarian for the pin.

Winners: AJ Styles & Mr. Anderson

Kurt Angle is backstage. He tells his son he wants him to watch every minute of this match.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

Dueling Hardy and Angle chants. Hardy is wearing black and green with a green and purple face. Hardy hits two shoulder blocks; both of them send Angle to the outside to regroup. Angle applies a headlock; Hardy reverses it into a hammerlock. Angle rakes the eyes. Taz sells Angle's quickness. Angle rolls out; Hardy hits a double sliding boot under the bottom rope. Hardy follows Angle back in; Angle catches him.

Hardy hits a series of quick moves for a near fall; Angle rolls out again. Hardy hits Angle's face into a chair. Hardy moves the steps into place; he goes for the Poetry in Motion; Angle moves, Hardy hits the guardrail. Angle regroups in the ring. Angle goes back outside and works on the knee. Kurt is in full control. He is stalking Hardy in the ring; he hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Angle puts him in a rear neck choke.

Angle pins; Hardy gets his foot on the rope. Hardy catches Angle with two big boots in the corner; both men are down. Both get up at the same time. Angle bumps around for Hardy. Hardy hits a spinning leg drop on the back of Angle's head from the top. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate; Angle counters. Angle hits 3 German suplexes in a row. He goes for the Angle Slam; Hardy counters with an armdrag. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Angle pulls Jeff off the top for a belly-to-belly off the top; Hardy kicks out. Angle pulls the straps down and applies an ankle-lock. Hardy counters out. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate for a super-near fall.

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