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They are outside; Hardy slams Angle's head 3 times on the steps; Hardy takes off his shirt. Angle gets his knees up from the Swanton; Angle hits an Angle Slam. Hardy kicks out. The crowd loves it. Angle is choking him with an armband. Angle goes for another slam; Hardy counters. Hardy hits another Fate; both men are down. Hardy hits 3 clotheslines. Hardy hits the Swanton; Angle kicks out. Angle grabs the ropes for leverage and pins him.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Sting. He says he is tired of talking and twittering and is ready to wrestle.

They show a video package hyping the Roode/Sting match.

No Holds Barred Non-Title Match
Bobby Roode vs. Sting

The two men are face to face. They lock up. They go for a clean break; Roode pushes Sting; Sting slaps Roode. Roode escapes to the outside. The crowd chants 'you still got it.' Sting hits a nice hip-toss and goes for the Stinger Splash; Roode moves. Sting hits a nice drop-kick. Roode escapes to the outside. Sting chases him up the ramp.

Sting rams Roode's head into the rails. Sting rams his head into the steps twice. Sting rams Roode into a fan's shoe at ringside. Roode grabs a chair and hits the pole because Sting moves. Sting rams Roode's face into the rail again; Sting hits the Splash to Roode's back; Roode falls into the fans. Roode is begging off in the ring. Roode slams Sting's knee into the steel post. He does it again. Roode is working the knee, dropping elbows on it. Roode hits a chop-block

Sting does a backslide; Roode kicks out. Roode goes back to the knee; he applies a figure-four. Roode spits in his face. Sting keeps falling back and raising his shoulder before the 3 count. Sting reverses it; Roode grabs the ropes. Sting is down favoring his knee. Roode clips his knee again. Roode hits some Flair chops; Sting no-sells. Sting hits some offense. Sting hits a back-bodydrop. Now Sting works Roode's knee. Sting hits a Splash. Roode moves before he can do another one. Sting superplexes Roode from the top. He applies the Scorpion Death Lock. Roode grabs the ropes.

Roode hits a spear; Sting kicks out. Roode grabs a chair from under the ring. He sets it up in the ring. Roode tries to slam Sting onto it. Sting counters and sends Roode to the apron. Sting tries a Scorpion Death Drop but his own head hits the chair; this came off very very stiff. The crowd chants 'holy s***.' Both men are down. Roode makes the cover and gets the victory.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode goes toward Dixie and grabs a chair; she tells him 'no.' He grabs Dixie and puts her in the ring. The crowd chants for Hogan. Dixie is trying to check on Sting. Roode tells her to 'shut your mouth b***h.' Roode has her cornered; Sting gets up and hits him to the outside. Sting and Dixie are holding arms in the ring; Roode comes up from behind with a chair and hits Sting in the back. Dixie screams at him. Roode puts Sting on the bottom turnbuckle; he is duct taping him to the ropes. Roode tells Dixie to kiss his a--, and goes to the corner, but Dixie is shielding Sting. Roode wipes some paint off of Sting's face and wipes it on Dixie's, and tells Dixie that there is nothing she can do. Dixie is yelling at Roode to stop while Roode is pacing around the ring.

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