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TNA X-Division Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Zema Ion

Ion slaps Aries and flees to the outside to start the match. Ion puts on some hair spray. They keep running between turnbuckles, with Ion jumping over Aries as Aries chases him. Aries pushes Ion off the turnbuckle; he falls hard to the floor. Aries grabs his phone and tweets. Aries is in control. Ion mounts a comeback. Ion hits a twisting body splash off the turnbuckle. Aries blocks a suplex attempt. Ion clotheslines him over the top and hits a moonsault to the floor.

Aries kicks out of a pin. Ion puts the hairspray in his tights. Aries hits a knee breaker and a slam. Aries hits a pendulum elbow for a near fall. Ion grabs the spray and sprays Aries; he gets a near fall. Aries can't see. Ion puts Aries on the top turnbuckle. He attempts a superplex; Aries counters with a powerbomb. Aries grabs the ref; he is feeling around for Ion. Aries hits a brain buster then the Last Chanceory for the submission.

Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Austin Aries

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