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TNA Television Championship Open Challenge
Robbie E. (c) vs. ?

Robbie E. grabs the mic and says he has some bad news. He says the open challenge won't happen because everybody already has a match. The crowd chants for RVD. Robbie says now the challenge is open to any fan and makes fun of the fans. He tells T to pose for the fans. Devon comes in through the crowd. Robbie is telling security to get him out of here, but the referee says the match is on.

Devon gets the offensive early on. He hits a big clothesline that sends Robbie to the outside. The crowd chants for tables. Robbie grabs a chair from Brooke Hogan at ringside, but the ref takes it. Robbie hits a reverse elbow. Devon hits a shoulder block, then a neck breaker and finally a spinebuster to get the pin.

Winner and NEW TNA Television Champion: Devon

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