The show opens up with a video package of the main event from the 10th Anniversary Show, which saw Adam Cole and Eddie Edwards defeat Kyle O'Reilly and ROH World Champion Davey Richards when Cole hit a cross body on Richards for the three count. After the match, Richards shook the hand of Cole, but O'Reilly refused to shake Cole's hand because he doesn't respect his former "Future Shock" teammate. Kevin Steen appeared on a balcony in the venue and told Richards that until he gets his shot one on one for the ROH World Championship, he would be Richards's personal nightmare.

Adam Cole vs. Chris Silvio

The opening match was quick, but did see Silvio get in a fair amount of offense against Cole. Kyle O'Reilly was on commentary for the match and put over his dislike for Cole. The match came to its conclusion when Silvio hit Cole with a super punch, but instead of going for the cover he posed for the crowd. Cole recovered and hit an enziguri on Silvio, followed up by a Florida Key suplex for the victory.

Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall (4:50)

Following the match O'Reilly challenged Cole to a match at Showdown in the Sun. O'Reilly explained that the only way that Cole could earn his respect was for him to beat O'Reilly in a match. Cole accepted the match for the second night of the event.

Kevin Steen comes out to the ring and cuts a promo on Jim Cornette and Davey Richards. He claims that no matter how hard Cornette tries to keep the ROH World Championship away from him, he will eventually get it and hold the company hostage. Cornette is drawn out to the ring and lets Steen know that he has set up a match for him on the first night of Showdown in the Sun and that his opponent will be El Generico.

Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs. ROH TV Champion Jay Lethal

This match was the first March Mayhem qualifier, the winner will go on to a fatal four way match with twenty-four thousand dollars on the line. Lethal and Strong traded high impact moves throughout the match with neither competitor getting a clear upper hand for too long. The end of the match saw Truth Martini try to get involved but he was unable to do anything to get the victory for Strong. Michael Elgin also tried to interfere on Strong's behalf but it backfired and Lethal won with a rollup.

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (13:35)

The show ends with Lethal celebrating at ringside.

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