Former TNA Employees Discuss Randy Savage's Brief Run

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PETEY WILLIAMS: I don't think [Savage] did much for the company honestly; literally he was there for like a PPV and maybe two TV shows. I think he was there for honestly a month, I mean he didn't do much. I remember Christopher Daniels asked him he's like, Mr. Macho Man or whatever you called him, Mr. Savage, we have a match and I'm going to do a top rope elbow, I just wanted to make sure that's okay with you. He's like brother more power to you because I can't do it anymore. I mean Macho Man's great, just hearing him talk and stuff like that, I'm like this is what this guy is like in real life.

BILL BEHRENS: I only had to deal with him once he got to the go area and that was enough of a challenge. The rest of the time he would, Bruno and Tilly who eventually joined the company had some kind of hookup where they used to bring a big trailer gimmick. The stars, particularly the most dysfunctional stars, would go in that and pretty much just drink. Randy was one of the guys that did that, so his run was bad all the way around. It made it clear that there wasn't going to be a good final run that Randy Savage would have in wrestling. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Like us on Facebook by clicking the "Like" button below:

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