-- Torontoist.com has an article about Bret Hart judging a Catch-23 improv show. "I've always thought I had a decent sense of humour," said Hart. "You get a lot of people saying my book was kind of sad, and you can't change how your life goes, but I thought there was some great humour in there that no one else could deliver unless you lived my life. Broken down in the middle of the highway, you'd always find something to laugh at... It's good for me. I'm around a lot of sourpusses. I'm a guy who's been subjected to 30 years of guys like [King Kong] Bundy walking past me naked in the dressing room. I need a little bit of humour to keep me going." You can check out the full article by clicking here.

-- Former WWE superstar Luke Gallows was on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show on Friday night and was asked about the Chris Jericho - CM Punk storyline. "I don't know if we need to go down a road where we say, 'CM Punk's dad is a drunk.' Because I'm close friends with CM Punk and straight-edge is 100% true," Gallows stated. "He's never had a cigarette, he's never had a sip of alcohol, he's never taken drugs, but his dad was an alcoholic. That's pretty brutal to come out and, I mean, I understand that real life issues draw money, I do, but at some point maybe there's a line. Maybe there's not." You can check out more from the interview at chaddukeswrestlingshow.com.

-- Arda Ocal of the Score Television Network recently caught up with MMA legend Randy "The Natural" Couture. In the interview, Randy reflects on his very first fight in the UFC against former WWE superstar Ludwig Borga (Tony Halme) as well as former WWE champion Brock Lesnar. You can check out the interview below:

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