Source: The Daily World

The Daily World has an interview with Daniel Bryan. Here are some highlights:

Winning the title: "It was crazy. I've been doing this for 12 years and a lot of people thought I couldn't succeed at this. It was vindication, that I reached the top. When people are doubting you that much, sometimes you doubt yourself. It was more retrospective I can't believe I went through all of that and I'm at this moment."

Becoming a vegan: "I had always eaten pretty well, lots of vegetables and lean meats. But then, all of a sudden, I had all of these issues (high cholesterol and elevated liver enzymes). One of the best things to take care of that, my doctor told me, was to become a vegan. When you do it smart, you'll miss out on some vitamins, but you are healthy. I feel great. I'm eating foods that are easy for the body to digest and I use all of the spare energy."

Being a heel: "I never thought (being a vegan) would turn me into a bad guy. The way we've (incorporated it) it has been kind of fun. It is the personality that makes people hate me winning my matches by disqualification, cheap ways to win, claiming I'm a role model because I don't eat meat. It all gets under people's skins.

"I've always loved being a bad guy; there's something more fun about it. It always makes me smile. Now, I'll hear my music and (the crowd) instantly starts booing. I have to keep myself from laughing, because it makes me happy."

Defending the title at WrestleMania: "I'm not nervous about the match, but I'm excited about the experience. We're not afraid to hit each other. Some guys like to fight. I like to fight. Sheamus was a bouncer for years. There's something about being in front of a large crowd and getting hit. It fires you up. We want to steal the show, even with Rock vs. Cena (on the card)."

Much more is contained in the interview, including Bryan talking about getting his start in wrestling, his matches with CM Punk and more, you can check it out by clicking here.

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